Aaron “Doc” Hay

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aaron-doc-hay-head-shot Aaron “Doc” Hay, known in the balloon twisting world as Dizzy Doc, has been pushing the limits of the industry for over 23 years helping to change the public’s perception of balloons from “doggies and swords” to actual incredible art. From small birthday parties all the way to giant installations made from thousands of pencil balloons, He has traveled throughout the United States and around the world!  With thousands of events under his belt Doc is full of insight on the many aspects of being a successful artist with the medium of balloons. He believes that it is a privilege to teach and share his experience with peers and customizes every class to the experience levels of his students.  Doc expects students to pick his brain in hopes of inspiring them to try new things and find their place in the cutting edge of our growing industry.   64-foot-giraffe-head-over-the-3rd-floor  64-foot-tall-giraffe   64-foot-giraffe-newspaper-artical 75-foot-long-white-water-balloon-experiance-over-11000-balloons-used  workin-on-white-water-experiance  30-foot-pink-robot-puppet