Convention Classes


“Freehand Airbrush!”

Learn the fastest, most effective techniques to render beautiful freehand imagery for any artwork.  Whip out the focal point on you next body paint piece or canvas.

“It’s all in the tights! Super Hero and Cosplay Muscular Anatomy, Done Right!”

Dutch will cover both of the primary mediums that one would use to render the effects of exaggerated muscular anatomy.


Pretty Princess Faces

You will learn Split cakes and one-stroking for speedy crowns, elaborate jewel crowns , Shading and highlighting secrets to enhance the face, Bling! Where to buy it, how to organize it, ,—– and many ways to use it! ,Glitters and safe adhesives.

Day of the Dead Face Painting

From the beautiful elaborate designs used for special events, to the fast and quick faces you can do at Advanced Face Painting Class parties. How to break down the various aspects of the Day of the Dead designs into hundreds of great designs. Find out the tricks of applying the white background flawlessly.

Glamour Faces

Elegant Glamorous and EASY Faces for Proms, Raves and Balls: How to accent the face for elegant looks. Also, using stencils and jewels for fast wow factors.


How to use stencils with face paint

In this 90 minute class you will learn 10 Essential Tips you need to know to achieve PERFECT transfers using your face painting stencils!  You will attract face painting success on so many levels…! Getting clean transfers, how to use them on kids successfully, and how to keep the stencils clean while working so that integrating the art of stenciling into your painting process is fast and efficient!  I will even demonstrate different types of face painting products such as water activated paint versus pressed powders, and how to use them so that you can use to get ideal transfers no matter how much experience you have. As an added bonus you will learn how to create prefect backgrounds for cheek-art and how to create the Ultimate Graffiti Eye design!!

To the Beach!  

Water effects using your stencils for masks, cheek art, and glitter tattoo embellishments – with one new technique we will be able to create a variety of designs using your graffiti stencils!

Amplify your Christmas Cheek Art – with Sneaky Stencil Techniques!!!

Have your artwork stand out at huge parties when you are working with multiple face painters.  Learn super easy and super fun techniques and designs using your graffiti eyes stencils that will blow the crowds mind. Put a whole new twist on the basic classic traditional Christmas cheek art designs!

Forest Critters

For when you want to bring the great outdoors into your party!  Learn fun easy Squirrel, Deer, Skunk, Porcupine, Raccoon, Rabbit and Owl mask designs great for all ages!  Learn creative ways to integrate different techniques using finger daubers and stencil!

ARLA ALBERS and Assistants

Make your own jewels (no experience necessary)

$5 supply fee. This is a hands on class. Don’t pay $3 for each jewel from a store. For the $5 supply fee for this class, you will get supplies to make at least 5-10 jewels.  Arla and her assistants will teach you a couple of different ways to make your own jewels.  Then you can “WOW” your customers with bling to add value to your face painting.


Taking Care of Business

Making your business memorable and unique so that you have a definitive style that is recognizable can be essential to building your business. How do you evaluate your style, your business practices, your marketing and promotion processes. In this class, we will walk through techniques and practices to help you improve your marketability and make you a more identifiable entity in establishing and nurturing the growth of your business.

How do I?

Sometimes the basic questions get overlooked. Do you want to know more about paints, glitters, types of brushes, sponges, and other tools of the trade? Do you want to know more about brush strokes and have someone evaluate where you are having difficulty with a design? This class is for those who want to really understand their options and be able to try new techniques in their existing designs. Bring a couple of your existing designs or some ideas you have for new designs and let’s explore ways to make them better, make them “POP”, and make them more requested.



Guaranteed Profits With Airbrush Tattoos Airbrush

Tattoos often command a higher per hour rate than classic face painting due to the perceived value factor. It is much more sought after by corporate event organizers that traditional face painting. Find out how you can make more money in this fast growing field of airbrush tattoos. Learn tricks to enhance your current business with the Zero G airbrush system or a complete classic multi brush setup, learn streamlined systems. Learn the trend of positive and negative stencil use for enhance and realistic tattoo looks. And learn how to add staff, market your business and upscale for even higher profits. Come and find how easy it is to make money in airbrush tattoos.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Airbrush Hair Painting

Enter a new world of creativity by using an airbrush to quickly and effectively create hair looks that wow crowds. The class will cover what types of hair can and should not be painted and a variety of makeup and hair products. Learn to easily weld large stencils for hair and extreme body tattoos. A great way to make money at festivals and as an add on for parties. Learn to market Hair Painting for grad nights, sporting events and holidays for fast high profits.

Discover More With Special Effects Techniques and Products

What’s what and how to! So you love face painting but need more. This class will cover the popular products of 3D gelatin, emulsified latex, prosthetic transfers, and silicone. Learn how and when to use which product. Learn to mold a prosthetic and make direct skin application. This class will spark your imagination and show both creepy and beautiful effects for striking face and body art.



Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is one way to layout your progress. Learn how to design your yearly marketing plan, and utilize forward thinking and planning to ensure your success. Master how to create a smooth, seamless marketing strategy. Find out how and create your very own marketing calendar.


We love to do our craft and work hard to master our technique, but what good is that if we don’t have any clients to beautify? Combine Goal Setting and Planning strategies to create your very own road map to success. Challenge yourself and stretch your imagination in creating a plan to cultivate the business you’ve always DREAMT of having! Leave this workshop with a plan in hand!



One Stroke Faces for BOYS

Get ready to take your 1 stroke cakes to a different world! Anna Wilinski will teach you the techniques to move from roses to monsters, flowers to dragons, and butterflies to beasts! Anna will show you how to use your rainbow cakes to shape new and frightening full and half face designs. Using 1 strokes for dragons, skulls, robots etc. speed up the shading and highlighting process and can even be used for super quick designs without outline work.

Painting with powders

Come learn about face painting with powders! Learn all the ins and outs to using powders while at a gig. Anna Wilinski will demo pressed powder full face designs, and will also introduce you to other face paint alternatives that you can use to try to beat the heat. If melting face paint designs are making you crazy, this class might save the day!

What’s the SCOOP?

Would you like to know the primary differences between the different kinds of paints that are on the market?  What are their pros and cons, which ones dry more quickly or blend better, what is a great liner?  There are so many brands out there it can get confusing.  Let Anna from Jest Paint take you on a tour through the different brands and help you figure out the next best purchase for your needs.


Awesome Arm Designs

Barbara Breitung owner/artist of Tappy’s Face painting will take you thru the steps of creating awesome arm designs.  From basic hearts, butterflies, spiders and peace signs.  Barb will show you how to build from them and make them into designs you can put on your board at the next price level.  Bring your paints as we will paint on each others arms.  Also a few tips and tricks. on how to keep your kit organized.



In this class Barb will show you the basic elements and how to put them together to create beautiful necklines. We will be doing a floral neckline , a heart neckline and a few others. This class will mostly consists of one stroke painting, so bring your flat brushes and your one stroke cakes and lets paint. I also will be bringing practice sheets for us to paint on as well.


REBECCA LYYSKI of Lyyski Designs

Prep, Paint & Shoot: An introduction to photographing your art

Have you struggled or wanted to learn tricks for making your photography more professional? Then this is the class for you. Besides being an award winning photographer Rebecca Lyyski is also a professional face and body painter and owner of SkinMarkZ Magazine. In this class you will learn techniques that will improve your eye for model positioning, lighting and what to avoid with your imagery. Don’t halt your artistic abilities once the painting is done! Extend yourself with prep, paint & shoot.

I am Rebecca and I am a self-motivated graphic designer, photographer and entrepreneur. With a natural talent for anything creative and over 20 years of industry experience I feel as though I am just hitting my stride and really making a name for myself. Based out of the Midwest, I find that as the demand for talented individuals grows so does my enthusiasm. I have worked with big business, as well as independent professionals and it has given me the experience and knowledge that I need to succeed with any venture.

Photography and body art have become two of my passions! I find that the human body is a way to bring my art to life and give it an added dimension that you just cannot achieve with a static canvas. Every piece that I have created was just a crazy thought that passed through my mind or a situation/ emotion that my models (or myself) were going through at the time. There is no telling what projects or opportunities lay ahead of my but I invite all of my fans to come along for the journey… it is bound to be one hell of a ride!



Graffiti 101  

Painting demo class

Learn to paint Graffiti Letters and Tribal designs!!
Join Wiser for easy to learn, fun to paint, popular graffiti letter designs for the arms, shoulders, chest, and back and face. This class is ideal those who want to add the fun art of graffiti to their service offerings. Be confident at parties because you will know the structure of the letters, and many tips on the best placements on the body for the designs!
-learn how to easily structure letters to make awesome graffiti designs
– learn easy to paint free style graffiti tribal designs!
-learn awesome color combinations!

Thinking Outside the Box  

(Discussion Class/ Lecture)

Discussion Class/ Lecture
Wiser is renowned for his imaginative use of the body and illusion to create some mind-blowing and iconic fine art bodypaintings. Take a step into his mind in this discussion panel type class, in which he will share the with you knowledge, insights, and thought processes, that went into creating his most illusionary bodypaint masterpeices and help you find ways to think outside the box using your imagination!



3D Transfers – Monster Paste & Working with Flat Molds

3D prosthetic transfer appliances are a new technique in the makeup industry. In this class we will go through the steps of creating a transfer using John Place’s Monster Paste and applying it to our model. There’s a lot of upfront time put into these prosthetics, but it pays you back in the end when you have a ton of actors to cover in a very little amount of time.

Flat molds are a cost effective way to create small prosthetics that you need to apply dozens of times. When you are working on a piece that will only be used once, it is sometimes more cost effective to buy a premade prosthetic from an FX shop. When you are working in theatre, film or at a haunt, you make have to reapply the same piece dozens of times. That’s when using flat molds and pouring the prosthetic your self will pay off big in the long run.

Haunted House 101

Quick makeup applications, short cuts and all out crazy, in addition to budgets and quotes. Money can be made as an artist working for a Haunted House. When to cut corners and when to go all out and how to do it right.

How to make a zombie horde on a budget

This class is a mixture of various applications of makeup along with the practical knowledge of planning out a zombie hoard to fit your client’s budget.

Moulage Training

The fine art of mass casualty simulation used for training purposes of emergency service personnel.



Evil Clown School

Have you always wanted to let out your alter ego but didn’t know how?  The famous, Madison, WI based, Psycho T. Clown will be on hand to teach you how to let out your demon and bring it back under control once the job is done.



WOW, Look at that!

Mastering those details.
This class will teach you how to get that perfect line work, airbrush look blending, easy shadowing, and perfect dots every time. Great tools and techniques makes the difference.

No! Not another Spider Man!

Fun and quick designs for those hard to please boys.
This class will give you fun and easy boy designs. Using some split cakes, stencils, and thinking outside the box.

Beginner Basics

This class is wonderful for the newer or beginner face painter. I will be explaining how to work with the public, children, and those other clients. How to set up your kit. What the focal points are. How to get perfect dots, tear drops, swirls, flowers, stars, and blending.  Can’t wait to see you guys soon. It’s going to be fun.


Speed Painting Tips and Tricks

For intermediate to advanced painters who are comfortable with doing quality sponging and linework.

Time is money and in this class Dawn and Lacey will share the time saving tips and tricks that have made them fair and festival superstars. You will learn how climate can affect your speed, when to “cut corners” and how to minimize your customers’ wait time. You will learn how to produce top quality work in half the time.

We will not be teaching you new designs, we will be teaching you how to make your designs work for you. Come prepared to discuss the designs you use that you find the most time consuming.

This is not a beginners class.

Making Fairs and Festivals Work

Painting at Fairs and Festivals can be risky. Dawn and Lacey will share tips and tricks for making them profitable, fun and safe. They will share some of their most popular faces with you as they share the knowledge they’ve gleaned from over 10 years of working the good, the bad, and the downright ugly together. As a bonus, Lacey will be more than happy to tell you the good, the bad and the downright ugly side of working with Dawn.


Flowers From Simple to Advanced – hands on class

In this class we will be painting 3 different versions of three different flowers . From simple line work to realistic styles, we will explore what gives each design impact, as well as how to break a design down and then build it back up again. We will explore ways to simplify for speed work and how to maximize the impact of your lines for more drama. Please bring your paints and supplies to this class

Things with Wings

Join Dawn as she shows you how to paint all sorts of things with wings. She’ll show you her favorite birds, dragons and maybe even some bugs, how to place them on the face and different ways to achieve the effect you want.


DIPS! Freehand Festival Tattoos

Hands on class

In this class Lacey will be showing you how to use Donna Nowak’s fabulous DIPS! alcohol based inks to do fast and easy temporary tattoos in a fair and festival setting. Please bring your DIPS! and brushes with you. If you don’t have any yet, Lacey will have some available to purchase. We will be discussing how to condition your inks, which brushes work best, weather conditions, setting, and removal. Learn how to increase your revenue in a pay per face setting by as much as 30%!


Have you ever wanted to give someone a black eye, but lack the intestinal fortitude?  Want to add some Haunted House gigs to your fall schedule?  Or finally successfully target that illusive “12 year old boy demographic?”  Then this class is for you!  Everyone else is welcome too! In this beginner’s special effects class we will be focusing on the basic techniques of gore in face and body art. Such as: black eyes, bruises, scars, cuts, blood splatter, burns, tooth fx, stitches… All will be taught with basic ingredients from your own kit and kitchen.  This is a class involving audience participation, so be prepared to get messy!



Sunsets & Sea Creatures

Paint along with Denise and Laura as we share one-stroke sea creatures and ocean themed designs which are always super popular and you’ll be ready to add them to your menu. Tropical sunset, Dolphin, Tropical Fish, Shark & Mermaid Crown.

Holly Holidays

Get ready for the holiday parties with Denise and Laura as we teach you one-stroke elements that you can put together for those large corporate and family parties. Holly, Snowflake, Reindeer, Poinsetta and Jingle Bells.

Fairy Eyes and Butterflies

Every girl and even mom loves butterflies and blossoms and with one-stroke they are easy and amaze your clients. Paint along with Denise and Laura as you learn two kinds of butterflies, simple blossoms and flowers when put together make amazing Fairy designs.



Airbrush Equipment

A hands-on class allowing you to see and feel the difference in airbrushes before investing in them. Paasche, Badger, Iwata, knock-offs, Power Pallet and ZeroG II will be used in this class. There will also be a couple of systems, utilizing different toolboxes, manifolds, compressors and stencils to compare so you can find what works for you.

An Airbrush System on a shoe string budget

Interested in adding airbrushing to move your line quicker, for either face painting or airbrush tattoos? Not sure what is needed or where to get it without robbing a bank? This class will answer all of your questions.



New Feline Faces

In this class we are going to learn to use negative space in our designs and well as some new cat and tiger masks.

Masks and Venetian Masks

We are going to learn some new venetian masks using Glittermarks and learn how to create texture for special effects.  We will also learn the art of the perfect Sugar Skulls.

SUPERHEROES for Boys & Girls

Learn a new Batman mask, Wonder Woman and MORE for boys & girls!!!  New techniques and styles to learn how to make the masks pop and be really special.


Does your lettering leave a lot to be desired?  Come to this class and learn new ways to do fast designs and “up” them with some calligraphy.  Take your work to the next level when you learn how to do perfect lettering!


Jurassic World!  

Join Nick in this face painting class that is 65,000,000 years in the making!  He will be painting a dimorphodon,a mosasaur, the Indominous Rex and other stars from the latest movie.  Each dinosaur will be a different style of face paint as well so this class will be insanely inspirational and scary!

Avangers assemble!

This class will be dedicated to superheros including Capt America,the Hulk and Ant-Man! Learn how to give your hero masks depth and dimension fast and easy. These faces are always requested, so learn some new characters and some new tricks from this Marvelous make-up master!


How to Ace that Pay-Per-Face

A complete guide to festivals, fairs and fundraisers. How to get them, how to keep them, and how to make the most of them.

Animal Faces

Learn some Awesome Animal designs from the “Critter Queen”. Christina will help you refine the regular requests, discover a few new ones, and she’ll take requests, as time allows.


Cheek Art Made Simple

My favorite to teach is very simple cheek art. Some parents do not want full face designs on their precious children. “Just a small design on the cheek please”. How many times have we heard this. To accommodate the parents I have lots of cheek art designs, step by step, that will make any parent happy.


Face Paint First Aide

Learn what should be in your face paint emergency kit, and how to deal with a face paint catastrophe.  Forgot your sponges?  Ran out of black or white and didn’t refill?  This class will cover it all!

From Simple to Sensational

Learn how to take simple designs and make them more impressive with quick details, and backgrounds. No special stencils or tools required!


Finding Corporate clients A-Z

Types of corporate clients, who to contact and what they need.

Balloon Add Ons

Increase your invoice with these simple decor and party favors that clients will love.

Hands on Centerpieces

Back by popular demand! We’ll be making the centerpiece a for the final night banquet. Come learn some new skills, socialize and build something special for your table for the banquet!


Building flowers is just the beginning!

You do it in paint, so now learn it in henna! Roses, buds, Indian style basics, and shading! Creating stunning floral ‘arrangements’ in henna lend itself well to more illustrative face and body painting too when you incorporate those same lines and design building techniques. Let’s create some beauty that they won’t soon forget!!!

Henna is not just for the girls!

AKA Henna illustrations. Skulls, fairies, feathers! Take on modern tattoo favourites and create henna patterns that will be your walking advertisement for many days to come! We will break down some basic patterns so you can whip out a large design in minutes that can make you fly down a long henna line!!

Traditional henna style!

We’ve seen the ‘cool’ stuff that most kids and tweens want, but there has been a trend towards some of the more ‘old school’ and traditional patterns among non-traditional henna lovers! Learn how to create beautiful paislys, mandalas and leaves! Breaking it down ‘old skool’ is what this class is all about!


Mastering Starblends

Do you want to be a star and shine bright in this business?! Sure you do…so come on over and join Mandy in this colorful, fun and engaging STARBLEND workshop. Mandy will be going over the various ways you can utilize Starblends, a highly pigmented powdered makeup, in your face and body painting designs to make you stand out among the crowd.
For the first part of the workshop, sit back, relax and watch as Mandy creates beautiful face and body painting designs demonstrating the different techniques she uses to incorporate these colorful powdered cakes adding dimension and flare to your work. She will be using various techniques like shading and blending and will be adding regular water based face paint to the designs as well. The techniques we will learn in the class will surely make you shine bright at your next face and body painting event.
Bring your supplies and your STAR self and get ready to have some fun with Mandy. Each attendee will receive a handout to bring home that will go over the techniques used throughout the class as well as information about Starblends and where to purchase them.


STENCIL WIZARDRY w/Andrea O’Donnell, Creator of Bad Ass Stencils

So we all know how a stencil works right? You put paint through a little hole and VOILA! Instant design! Simple concept, even a kid can do it! In this class, Andrea will take you beyond the basics, showing you how to master the proper use of stencils in your face and body painting with advanced techniques and cool tricks that will elevate your designs from pretty cool to BAD ASS in minutes!
Learn how to achieve crisp edges, work with textures & freestyle designs, combine and layer stencils for unique effects, create custom stencils, and more. Andrea will also discuss how stencils can be used to work with other non-skin related techniques, projects, tools, products and surfaces! Come prepared with a paper, pen, camera and an open mind! You will never look at stencils the same way again after taking this class!


Become a Master With ProAir

Tired of seeing your designs smear or drip in front of your eyes? Take Donna Nowak’s class and she’ll introduce you to the ProAiir line of Hybrid makeup.  Learn how to waterproof and smudge proof your designs and keep them safe from the hazards of extreme conditions such as heat, water and perspiration.  Whether using sponge, brush or airbrush, stencils or freehand, increase your sales by offering lasting designs while your competition melts away.


Speed painting

Create “mini-splitcakes” from your existing paints to speed-up designs.   How to use sponges, stencils and splitcakes to “wow & pow” em.

Airbrush 101

If you’re ready to take the plunge into airbrushing, this is the class for you. Set-up, uses and product will be discussed, as well as hands-on with multi brush system.

Airbrush with traditional brush

Learn how to base, stencil and finish with traditional brushwork.


DAWN MARIE BORDERS (special mini classes taught during JAM sessions)

From Balloons to Brushes (TAUGHT DURING FRIDAY NIGHT JAM 8:30 – ?)

Increase value and marketability with a class that you are GUARANTEED to learn something from.

This class is for entertainers who have never touched brush to skin before. You will learn about the basic essential topics: picking up a paint brush for the first time, what materials work (and what doesn’t), developing designs that set you up for success, sanitization and disinfection of your materials and much more. This is a hands on working class that will have you walking away with immediate results that you can implement into your business model. The wonderful world of face painting is waiting for you!

Inside the class:

  • Brushes – which ones and how to use them
  • Makeup – what brands are out there and the differences between them (powders, cakes, split cakes, liquid, and hybrid)
  • Equipment – From chairs, kits, tables, stencils and other things that set you up for success and maintain a professional look.
  • Set up – How to walk into a room and quickly determine the best location to setup; from using walls to your benefit, how doorways and walk ways can be your friend (or your nemesis) and where to set up to exit quickly when it’s time to leave.
  • Designs – Fast basic designs ANYONE can master to start your painting adventure
  • Techniques – Where on the face to start, what areas to steer clear of & what direction to move the brush (I mean after all, brushing over eyebrows backwards is a sure fire way to have the customer rub them strait and potentially ruin your work.)
  • Safety – What to stay away from, who to paint and who to stay away from and why.
  • Cleaning your kit – what techniques, frequency and products are available to sanitize and disinfect your materials (and WHY this is important to do)
  • Insurance – what it’s for and why you NEED this.
  • Q&A time….

Artistic drawing to improve your painting


From flat to fabulous! Creating life-like artwork

Invest in your abilities & techniques with a class that will teach you lifelike drawing skills.

This class is for entertainers who want to learn or improve techniques to bring your artwork to life. If you have never drawn with pencil / charcoal before, this is a class for you. In this class you will learn about the basic essential topics: medium – pencil or charcoal, 1 point perspective, blending & shading, texture, how sometimes less is “more” and how to utilize these techniques to increase your artistic painting abilities. This is a hands on working class that will have you walking away with immediate results that you can implement into your business model.

Inside the class:

  • Mediums – Pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, pastels, chalks….. Which ones and how to determine which is best for you.
  • Perspective – Learn what 1 point perspective (and 2 or 3 point) is and how this one technique can dramatically improve your skills
  • Blending & Shading – from finger tips, cotton swabs, rolled blenders to everything in-between… the pros and cons of each and how to use them.
  • Texture – Train your eyes to “SEE” texture such as fur patterns on animals, smooth shine on a bottle, refraction in a gem, and woodgrain on a door.
  • Evaluation of your work – Learn how to recognize when to put the pencil down and stop; sometimes less is more.
  • Implementation – How to use these skills in your painting, the similarities between drawing and painting, how drawing a “piece” before painting it will benefit your final artwork.
  • Q&A time….


Battle Royale: Balloon Arsenal with Dustin Queary

Do you want to go way beyond the basic one balloon sword? This class will take you there and give you numerous options for those stubborn kids who insist on a weapon. They are sure to make you the star at any event! All of these designs are also available in DVD format on Dustin’s Guns & Robots and Battle Royale.

Recycling the Classics with Dustin Queary

Are you tired of struggling with a recipe for every new thing you make? This class focuses on simple tricks to save you time and effort while focusing on training your mind to ‘think outside the box’. We will go over numerous basic structures and concepts that Dustin uses over and over to produce a multitude of characters including princesses, fairies, mermaids, super heroes and numerous animal. These designs are available on Dustin’s new DVD by the same title.

SAMMY J (Thad James)


Make your customers gasp with “OOH’s” and “AAH’s”. Sculptures that are sure to grab the attention of kids, teens and grown-ups. These creations are so adorable that you can build a reputation off them. Lady Bug, Puppy Dog, Lion, Fishie, . This class will use 260, 360, 5″ round. Specialty balloons will be provided.


“Snips and snails and puppy dog tails” Boys need to have creations just for them. And they need to be creative, fast and fun. You will learn sculptures specifically geared for boys to expand your repertoire and impress all of your customers. Race car, airplane, drag racer, helicopter. The class will use 260, 5″ round. Specialty balloons will be provided.


Break out the BIG balloons! Simple designs will have a huge impact on your customers. These sculptures may take a little longer to make but the applause and appreciation are worth it. Perfect for birthday kids, deliveries or “last person in line”. Hat, flamingo, duck, big ball. The class uses 660, 5″ round. Specialty balloons will be provided.



Learn to create unique and fun balloon sculptures and balloon decor using uninflated balloons.  This is a hands on class and you will walk away with some great designs and ideas.


Are you intimidated by balloons?  Well after this class you won’t be anymore!  We will start with the very basics and include types of balloons, how to blow up and tie them and how to twist with confidence.  You will walk away with a minimum of 5 balloons designs that you will make yourself and have the ability to recreate!


Join Teri as she takes you through a night at one of her restaurants twisting for the crowds.  Learn some of her proven techniques for mastering some incredible creations that won’t take hours to create.  Ask Teri about how to get and keep restaurant gigs.


Inserts, Prep-Work, Shopkins, Pokemon and More

Diane and Jill will teach sculptures they create by putting non-balloon items in balloons including gum balls, cupcake sprinkles, and cotton balls. You’ll learn a snowman, silly chicken, a few dog versions including the Dolbel Dog, a few Shopkins and few Pokemon. Shopkins seem to be this year’s favorite toys for girls to collect. Pokemon are coming back in style and will get even more popular when the Pokemon app is released next year. All the sculptures can be made in less than five minutes, and with some you can prep at home.