Festival face painting

Sure you’ve seen Dutch’s polished projects, but what does he crank out at the county fair? Make it fast but make it good! That’s what this class is all about. Learn popular crowd pleasing designs that are executable in minutes but look like they took way longer!

Black attack/Blobology – BEGINNER

Back by popular demand! a combo class of dutches 2 signature styles!

Zombies Zombies Zombies.

The title really says it all. From dusty old cryptic ground breakers, to the freshly turned psychotic rage zombies, we’ll cover many styles with tips and tricks to produce all types!  

Metal Mayhem

Iron & Crome, rivets & rust, one of Dutch’s favorite thematic concepts to paint. Learn armor, robotics, gears, biomechanical, and more. This class is full of techniques to creating fantastic metal illusions on skin!



Get hooked on cheek art the easy way. Ever have a parent say to Johnny, ” No Johnny, not a full face”.  Then instead of saying” I’m sorry, but I only do full faces”, try my simple cheek designs and make the parent happy. These are simple, simple, simple powerful one and two minute designs.


Get the inside scoop on painting with different brushes for different effects and to your advantage for cheek, half face, and full face designs.


Don’t suffer the “how to’s” in growing your business by contracting other artists.This instructor owns an agency since 1994, has over 300 artists on her roster, and has written a book on the ” how to” in starting an agency. Ask your questions here for a head start.  


This is a fun, but a totally learning experience for anyone who has questions but are afraid to ask. Ask any question about our business of painting on faces and bodies. Try to stump the instructor. Ask and you shall receive:  an answer.   SWOOPS :   Glitter,  Mica,  Powders without stencils Swipe, Swish, swoop on the glue, free-hand, and create tribals, flowers, butterflies, snakes and birds with a snap of the wrist. Make more money on swoops- save on stencils. Swoops tend to be bigger than using stencils so more money goes in your pocket. Bring your glitters, mica, and powders and adhesives.


One Stroke Beginner Basics I

Are you curious or a bit intimidated by split cakes? Don’t be! This class is for you! In this class, we will cover basics such as supplies you will need in order to paint with split cakes, brush loading techniques using the smaller 30g cakes and some of the basic strokes which will enable you to create super fast and impressive designs in no time. Learn how to keep your cake from becoming ‘muddy’ and how to get the most vivid color load out of your favorite split cakes. Learn which cakes are the top five ‘must have’ cakes for all your events.

One Stroke Beginner Basics II

This class will focus on specific quick designs utilizing some of the strokes learned in the Basics I class. Learn multiple uses and designs for each of the top five ‘must have’ cakes. Learn how simple brush and color techniques such as ‘flipping’ and ‘stacking’ can add dramatic eye appeal and excitement to your designs that will delight and amaze your clients. In this class we will also have a brief introduction on sponging with the larger 50g split cakes.

One Stroke Wonders–Intermediate/Advanced

This class is geared toward those who have worked with split cakes and are already familiar with them as well as those who have taken both the One Stroke Basics classes. In this class, we will learn how to utilize both sponging and brush techniques using split cakes of both sizes to create vibrant color combinations in finished designs sure to please and impress both boys and girls alike.


Calligraphy Class

Learn the basics of great lettering to enhance your designs.

Fantastic Girl Designs

From butterflies and masks to elegant designs – Class will teach you how to impress girls of all ages

Insane Boy Designs

Superheroes, monsters and MORE!  Learn it all right here.

Body Painting 101 & Preparing for The CHALLENGE!

From start to finish – All the way from creating the design to photographing the masterpiece.  Learn all the DO’S and DONT’S of body painting.


Glitter tattoos — All you need to know to make it a great business!  

Objectives:Attendees will learn:

  • How to apply Glitter Tattoos and reach perfect results every single time
  • Helpful tips for successful line managements and festival set up.
  • Learn how it can be used to advance your business and add revenue.
  • Review all different products in the market and different application style in order to find the best option for you.

• Glitter — Review and sample different Glitter families and effects • Freehand Glitter Tattoos – The sky is the limit.. Advanced service that profits even more. Class Description: Glitter Tattoos are the hottest temporary body art form in the world today. It is a fun way to entertain guests at parties, social gatherings, personal and business events and more.  Even Hollywood celebrities are applying glitter tattoos to add sparkle to their red carpet events! In this class you will learn all you need to know in order to feel confident to add glitter tattoos to the services you already provide. We will show you tricks that will ensure flawless application every single time, while being quick and efficient. If you already added this product to your service, join the class to learn how to upgrade your design in order to expand profitability. Learn how to add rhinestones and henna style freehand glitter designs for personal appointments. We will have lots of products to test and try. This class offers hands-on experience for all attendees.

Marketing 101 for small business / event planning

The materials listed below can be divided into 2 classes. (Self Promotion and Event Planning) Objectives: Attendees will learn: • How to create successful self-promotion tools that will increase sales. • Helpful tips for successful small business management. • Explanation of different forms of Social media and how it can be used to advance your business • How and where to find leads for bigger, better gigs. • How to set up for markets and bigger venues • How to handle larger crowds without losing patience or customers.   Topics To be Covered:

  • What is a good self-promotion?
  • The power of creating a brand and establishing a logo
  • Business cards:

– Discover the real price you pay when you order free cards online. – Incorporate the best information on your business card

  • Websites as a sales tool

– Learn how use your website to increase sales

  • Google ads

– Grasp the do’s and don’ts of advertising on Google

  • Social Media

– Learn where to begin in the social media world – Receive helpful hints on how you can benefit from social media – Gain knowledge on how to increase my online exposure

  • Large scale events, Markets, and Festivals: – Discover how to build a budget for large events – Learn how to handle large crowds and manage lines – Master the art of booth layouts and display – Gain knowledge in easy set ups and smart pricing – Getting help from your friends

Class Description:

Many of us are artists in our souls’ but when it comes to turning our passion into a paycheck, sometimes it seems a little out of reach. Are you an artist that wishes that you could make the move and creative side into a full time job? If you take the necessary steps and you plan it right, you can find yourself self-employed sooner than you think. You can learn how to build a successful side business while holding a full-time job and when the time is right, turn it into an asset that pays your bills. With a little bit of guidance and a lot of ideas, students will understand the core power of brand identity and how they can best represent themselves in print and online. You will learn how to create the foundation that will help your small business soar. Live design demos, social media websites, web management tools and print ideas will be used in demonstration in each class.    


Easy Walk-around/Pocket magic

In this class you will see powerful yet easy to do magic and funny gags to add to your repertoire. Whether you are teaching a class, entertaining at a gig, making balloons in a restaurant, face painting or even line work, there’s something here for you. And YES, they do fit in a pocket..


Bringing out the Boy Designs using Rainbow Cakes Intermediate / Hands On

Take this class if you want to unleash your inner rainbow cake beast! I will be focusing on designs that the boys will love, and even the girls who love things that are a little scary or wild. This class will teach you how to use rainbow cakes to do quick monsters, skulls, animals, and robots. You will learn techniques that you can use for your own new creations as well. This class is geared to those who already have a grasp on loading your brush with the rainbow cakes, and know how to wiggle them a bit! Beginners can come to get an idea of how they can use them in the future with some extra practice. Bring a cake and paint a design on yourself or a buddy if you wish!

Painting with Powders – Beginners / Hands On & Demo

Powder paints are great for those hot sweaty days, and they are fast and easy to apply. Powders are also great for kids and adults who do not like the feeling of a wet sponge on their face. Learn a wide range of quick designs, from eye designs to full faces using Starblends, Vibrant and Lumiere powders. Test out the different applicators on the market to see what ones you like best and learn how to prep your clients for the best results. They can even pump up your regular face paint too. Come learn a ton of tips and tricks to see if powders are right for you!



Plunging from the Part-time Pond into the Full-time Frying Pan

Is it time and is this really where you want to be? This class will discuss what you need to consider when making the move, some of the planning and budgeting as well as the research, marketing and execution to get you to where you need to be.

Image is Everything

Being successful is not just about what you wear! Your professional image is defined by not just your appearance but your phone manners, printed materials, equipment, contracts, vehicle signage and much more. If you want to be seen as a truly “polished” professional, then this class is for you.

Hands on Centerpiece Class with Teri and Connie

Come learn with us! Use your twisting skills, non-inflated techniques and maybe even add a bit of décor to your repertoire to create themed centerpieces for the final night banquet.



Basic Columns with Big Impact

Simply Shonna will teach you a variety of columns that can be pre-made and brought to your event, even if you don’t have a van. Some columns can be made quickly at the location.

Large Sculptures for Special Events

Learn how to make some impressive yet easy sculptures you can use throughout the year.
Ice Cream Cone, Grapes, Clown

Specialty Shapes: Wow them with Diversity

Learn how to use a variety of Betallic Specialty Shapes like the Caterpillar, Clowny, Rattlesnake and more to make some quick and impressive designs great for line work. These designs will have your clients marveling at the unusual shapes and sizes you have compared to other twisters that primarily use 260’s. The great thing about these designs is they are simple and can be made in 3 minutes or less. This class is primarily a lecture with some hands on at the end to practice inflation. (This class has not been taught anywhere else yet and I can teach it only at Twist and Shout for at least 6 months prior and after the event)

Big Bear Heads: The Quick and Impressive

This class teaches the basics of working with the Big Bear Head Balloon and the various ways to inflate the Big Bear Head. All designs can be made within 3 minutes and use between 1 to 5 balloons. They are great for line work and are very impressive to the non twister due to their size and the speed at which they can be made. Most of the class is a lecture style class but there is a hands on section at the end to allow participates a chance to try and inflate the balloon and attempt to make one of the more basic designs.
(This class has been taught before at various conventions but is usually well attended as many people have trouble with the basic’s of inflation of the Big Bear Heads)



Speed Painting Tips and Tricks

For intermediate to advanced painters who are comfortable with doing quality sponging and linework.
Time is money and in this class Dawn and Lacey will share the time saving tips and tricks that have made them fair and festival superstars. You will learn how climate can affect your speed, when to “cut corners” and how to minimize your customers’ wait time. You will learn how to produce top quality work in half the time.
We will not be teaching you new designs, we will be teaching you how to make your designs work for you. Come prepared with a photo of your least favorite/most time consuming design and Dawn and Lacey will help you analyze and adjust it for optimal impact.  This is not a beginners class.


Making Fairs and Festivals Work

Painting at Fairs and Festivals can be risky. Dawn and Lacey will share tips and tricks for making them profitable, fun and safe. They will share some of their most popular faces with you as they shares the knowledge they’ve gleaned from 10 years of working the good, the bad, and the downright ugly together. As a bonus, Lacey will be more than happy to tell you the good, the bad and the downright ugly side of working with Dawn.



Flowers From Simple to Advanced  Hands on class

In this class we will be painting 3 different versions of three different flowers . From simple line work to realistic styles, we will explore what gives each design impact, as well as how to break a design down and then build it back up again. We will explore ways to simplify for speed work and how to maximize the impact of your lines for more drama. Please bring your paints and supplies to this class

Things with Wings

Join Dawn as she shows you how to paint all sorts of things with wings. She’ll show you her favorite birds, dragons and maybe even some bugs, how to place them on the face and different ways to achieve the effect you want.


Freehand Temporary Tattoos for Beginners    Hands on 

Do you have a temporary tattoo palette that just doesn’t seem to work right? Have you tried doing temporary tattoos in the past and been disappointed in the results, or are you new to temporary tattoos and want to add value to your offerings? This class is for you. Please bring your pallets, bottles, and brushes with you. If you don’t have any yet, come on in anyway Lacey will have extras to share. We will be discussing how to condition your inks, which brushes work best, various brands available and their pros and cons. Dawn will demonstrate several simple tattoo styles and discuss ways that temporary tattoos can increase your revenue in a pay per face setting.

Gore Galore

Have you ever wanted to give someone a black eye, but lack the intestinal fortitude? Want to add some dramatic flare to you Civil War reenactment? Or just gross out your family? Then this class is for you! Everyone else is welcome too! In this beginner’s moulage/special effects class we will be focusing on the basic techniques of gore in face and body art. Such as: black eyes, bruises, scars, cuts (fresh and scabbed), blood splatter, muscle awareness and grouping, burns (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree), tooth fx, stitches, and basic skin effects with the use of silicone, latex and nose putty. This is a class involving audience participation, so be prepared to get messy!



Starting or running a face painting business….

Arla will discuss the essentials of a face painting business. Topics will include how to decide on a business name, determine what to charge, insurance, record keeping and more.

Zentangles for the face

Ever doodle when you were a kid in school? Take those doodles to the face painting world. Arla will show you how to get spectacular faces with zentangles.



Making, Marketing and Managing Your Business

Bring a pen and lots of paper to this class! This fast paced class will touch on three categories of your business. Making; What you need to know to start your business. Even if you have been in business for years, it’s always good to go back to the basics. Marketing; Learn how to make the most of your strengths and weaknesses. Managing; How in the world do you keep track of all your bookings and book keeping? Come to my class and I’ll show you how I get it done! Handouts will be available. Donations for paper/ink cost will be greatly appreciated.



Amazing princess and adult masks

This class is designed for intermediate on up artist but beginners are strongly encouraged.

Pre-requisite: Must have basic knowledge of line work, products and blending.

This class will inspire you to create beautiful masks using an A three step method to creating variations, eccentric or simple designs and creativity.

Sounds crazy right! Big words fancy designs! Well Gina Niemi will break down so simple for you that when you walk out of this hands on class you’ll be able to take special request designs and come up with a dynamite look with a flip of a dime.


Fast and ferocious boys designs

Great for the beginner and festival face painter! Useful for haunts, birthdays and corporate events!

Everyone has more girl then boys designs right! Well let’s add some creative boys looks to your portfolio that are ideal, fast and Easy to remember!

Gina Niemi will go over blending, one stroke techniques, design layout that’s applicable to many looks as well as pricing!


Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

Took me a year to figure out how to nail the look of these fast yet stunning flowers! From daisies, to roses, to push petal pink fru fru prettiness! I’m going to show you some gorgeous looks utilizing split cakes, leaves and the occasional critter! Gina Niemi will be using her series of Epic Glam, Epic Gel and Epic Glitter in this class!

Be there or be bashful!
Either way a great class for all levels!!


Corsets and lace!

Va va va voom!
Ever wanted to learn how to body paint and didn’t know how to start!? Well Gina Niemi has created a simple formula for creating unique and beautiful art. Proven to work for by her past students, you will not want to miss this class!

This Hands on class will allow each student to paint a corset head to toe! Get your creative ideas written down and bring in inspirational ideas!

Lingerei and lace! It’s an every night occasion!



Eye Splash Class

We will be having some fun in this class. I will be using several different mediums and tools to show creative ways to active eye splash looks. We will be exploring different things and thinking outside the box. Get ready to have some fun!

Fairs & Festival designs class

I will show you fun and quick designs that make people ask, where did you get that? As well as ways to do custom pieces that will increase your bottom line. Also talking about pricing, setup, drawing your customer in.




Learn all the ins and outs of using this phenomenal product!  Monster Paste will be available for sale in the vendor room.



Beginning with the Best

Do you have “the right stuff” for your work? Do your sponges, brushes and paints make your job easy, or are you constantly struggling to make them do what you want?

From day one in this journey, we all hope that we have chosen the “right” tools and equipment for the important job creating happiness with our paints.

In this class, Christina will show you the difference between good tools and great ones. Learn how to tell the difference, and how choosing the right products for you can make a huge difference in your results.

Know Your Paints

Over the course of her 10-years as a face painter, Christina has tried and experimented with almost every brand of face paint in the industry. She has an extensive knowledge of the properties, strengths and weaknesses of a myriad of products, and she will share with you how to get the most out of the paints in your kit.

You may discover things you never knew about creating custom colors and looks, how to use different products together, and learn the unique personalities of a variety of brands.

If you ever have doubts about the products in your kit, if you wonder what will or won’t work together, if the world of choices ever makes your head spin, this class is for you!

Carnival of Critters

Join the fun with the “Queen of Critters” as she walks you through the jungle, the mountains and the plains, teaching animal designs from A to Z.

Christina will also include some of the latest movie character animals, such as Surly the Squirrel from “Nut Job”, Rocket Raccoon of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and the dragon form of “Makeficent.”




Dos Globos

Dos In this class you will learn several of my newest – two balloon designs that are quick and simple yet complex enough that parents will be calling you the best balloon artist they have ever seen. For beginner and intermediate balloon arti Famous


Children Character Parodies

In this class you will learn several very popular characters that use a similar body style that can be simplified for line work or left as is for birthday parties or deco twisted centerpieces. For beginners to advanced balloon


3,2,1, BLAST OFF! with Dennis and Dustin

With Dennis & Dustin In this class you will learn a few larger “ride inside” sculptures that put the children in the action. The sculptures can be scaled up or scaled down depending on time and the occasion. You will also learn a very popular backpack sculpture that will be


Learn to Weave with Dennis & Dustin

In this class you will learn different weaving concepts. We will cover the Flat weave, top hat weave, and the “X” weave. We will also discuss how and when it is best to incorporate weaving into a sculpture


Hands on Centerpiece Class With Teri and Connie

Come learn with us!  Use your twisting skills, non-inflated techniques and maybe even add a bit of décor to your repertoire to create themed centerpieces for the final night banquet.



Tried and True Restaurant Balloons Yes I’m that girl that’s out three night a week face painting and doing balloons, yes at the same time I would love to share my working balloons that I use weekly that wow the crowds. Balloons that can be make in five minutes or under. Come to my class and let’s play…….


Festival Favorites!

Fun favorites that are quick, cute and provide high return! This class mixes some traditional motifs with some of the most requested ‘today’ designs. From paisleys to sugar skulls – Roses to steampunk. Requests may be taken in class! This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape. I do require a whiteboard.
*Suggested that students take a ‘Mixing basics’ class before this class- mixing questions will be relegated to end of class (as time allows) or jam room.

Mixing 101

Proper mixing techniques, sourcing, times, temperatures and the botony, biology, cultural awareness and tips and tricks to make the process of mixing your own henna as painless as possible. Introducing henna to your business and the cost effectiveness of mixing and offering henna in a growing market! Some practice and line building exercises for getting you started!

Fun-TASTIC Florals 

Breaking down different floral elements for use in feminine flowing designs that are make all the ladies want one when creating at a festival or party gig! Large and impressive or small and delicate, you will be able to customize your bouquets! Roses in ‘tattoo’ and Gulf style and the ever popular hibiscus will be broken down into elements so you can build them up!
This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape. Suggested that students take a ‘Mixing basics’ class before this class- mixing questions will be relegated to end of class (as time allows) or jam room.

Men-di! Let’s hear it for the boys!

Guy designs so they can get their ‘tattoo’ on without the pain and you get the gain! Krakens, dice, flames, skulls, 1 minute dragon!! You got it going on just for them!
This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape. Suggested that students take a ‘Mixing basics’ class before this class- mixing questions will be relegated to end of class (as time allows) or jam room.