Convention Classes

CONVENTION CLASSES will be held on Monday, November 14 – Thursday, November 17 2016.


The power of the dark side!

Nick will demonstrate the sithlords of the Star Wars universe in this villainous class. The complex geometry of these bad guys will be shown and explained to Fri g tour’s to the next level.Darth Maul, Vader,Kylo Ten and the Emperor will be together at last! The circle is now complete!

Jaw dropping animals!

This demo features Nick Wolfe painting a variety of creature with open mouths. Whether it’s a design with the model’s mouth integrated into the design or the tongue and teeth painted on,these fantastic fauna will leave your maw agape!



Add Beauty makeup to your Face painting designs!

This class teaches how to include Beauty makeup to any Face painting designs to add value and to add that WOW effect.
We will learn the use of powders like eyeshadow, Starblends and pigments and the the use of special makeup brushes.
Take your designs to the next Glamour level!





5 thoughts on “Convention Classes

  1. I have not been to a Face painting convention, So please tell me are the classes included in the convention fee or are they seperate?
    Are my only expenses: Registration, Hotel and meals?


  2. Dear Robin,

    All convention classes are included in the pricing except pre-classes and post-classes that require a separate registration. This includes four days of classes and fun for the early bird registration price of only $250.00 and balloon tract only price of $150.00! You must register before March 31 to get the special deal. Our great hotel rate of only $81.00 includes FREE airport shuttle, FREE breakfast buffet, FREE wi-fi, FREE parking an FREE fitness center. There is also a TGI Friday’s inside the hotel which has great food at great prices. We are dedicated to providing an affordable convention that meets your every need.

  3. I attended the last Orlando, FL FABA Convention and loved it. Looking forward to having this convention closer to home. I’ll be able to drive there and I have several new face painting friends that are considering it as well. I notice that you do not have instructors or schedules yet. When do you anticipate them being completed. I plan to get my registration in by March 31st but would love to know more details first. Thank you! Donna

  4. I’m interested in the upcoming convention … and I understand the deadline for early birds is March 31 … however, you do not list the pre- post- or convention class schedules … without knowing what you offer … doesn’t matter what your “hype” is about everything else you stated in response to Robin’s query above … my reason for attending is primarily for those above-listed classes and, of course, the instructors … Can you respond with those details … or have you not formalized them yet … until or unless that info is posted … attendance is moot …

  5. Dear Sandra Jean,

    Our pre and post classes have not been finalized yet. The teachers have all been sent the request for what classes they would like to offer for pre and post classes but all the responses are not in yet. I will try and put up the ones that have responded so you can see a partial list at this point in time. The convention class schedule is usually complete and published four to six weeks before the event.

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