Convention Classes

Pam Kinneberg

Thinking Outside the Box

In this class we will explore how to create unique and creative designs. Pam will walk you through the process of where to look for inspiration, gathering ideas, sketching out a concept and bringing it to life. Bring your kits, your phones (for browsing sites), a pencil and an open mind!

Creative Holiday Faces

This class will provide creative ideas on how to adapt everyday designs into Holiday Designs. A puppy design will morph into a star spangled puppy or a pumpkin puppy! You will be shown specific designs and will also brainstorm ideas together to come up with your own transformations, so bring your kits, phones and a pencil.

Jenny Henry

Getting Started in Bubbles

Probing the possibilities and what it takes to get started and selling your show) *Let's Make Bubbles and Play (experiment with Bubble Equipment OUTSIDE

Balloons for Face painters

This is a beginner class of balloons for face painters. Learn to tie and do simple twists. Dogs, swords, giraffes, bunnies, and more.

Rosa Cline

Gothic Jewelry I: Basics

This is a class for jewelry beginners! In this class you will learn the basics of painting gems: direct/indirect light and shading; different kinds of gems: colors and shapes. This will be a hands –on class experience where you will have the opportunity to practice and explore your creativity. Materials you will need: paints, specifically: black, white, gold or silver; a liner brush (#1 or #2)

Gothic Jewelry II: : Putting it all together

Now that you’ve learn all the basics from “Gothic Jewelry I”, in this class you will learn how to put it all together! You will learn how to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and how to incorporate gem stones into your everyday designs. Materials you will need: paints, specifically: black, white, gold or silver; a liner brush (#1 or #2)

Denise Cold

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Don't dread getting the little guys (or the men) in your line. Boys are actually awesome and fun to paint. They love to pretend, pull faces and are excited to show off your art to their families. We're going to cover my favorite 2-3 minute one-stroke male designs that make them the star of the show including scorpions, spiders, snakes, dinosaurs, scratches, sharks, beards & monster masks.

Let's have a Luau!

The fascination with ocean creatures and the tropics continues and it's one of the most requested party themes for corporate and family parties. We'll cover a whole menu full of designs including dolpins, turtles, hibicus flowers, sea horses, pirates & mermaids.

Lenore Koppleman

Mythical Magic

Take a journey through a mystical forest filled with unicorns, pixies, mermaids, and more! Magical designs no child can resist, or ever forget.

Daniel Staples

Beyond the Line

Featuring designs from Dan’s Big Bear Head download series, this class focuses on medium sized sculptures perfect for deliveries and décor. These designs require intermediate techniques to maximize awesomeness. Learn core designs that can be used to create animals, weaponry, centerpieces, characters and more. All designs require Big Bear Heads and the class features other Betallatex specialty shapes. Sponsored by Betallatex!

Rolly Pollies 2.0

– Enjoy this new take on basic Big Bear Head designs. Rolly Pollies are a versatile design that can transform into dozens of your typical line work requests. Utilizing as little as 2 balloons, you can quickly make dogs, helicopters, monster trucks, pigs, bees, princesses, and more! Building off the original download, this class features all new designs and concepts to really enhance things. Featuring art tips and tricks by Lindsey "Pookie" Foster Sponsored by Betallatex!

Larger Than Life

      No, not the Backstreet Boys song, this class is all about life size sculptures.  Join Dan in a step by step class using Betallatex 660 Link O Loons to great big sculptures that translate into big profits.  Learn tips and tricks on handling, articulation, customization and speed.  The marketing opportunities alone are worth the effort.  The awesomeness of the 660 can help you create and favorite character or athlete. Maximize your profit AND exposure while melting the minds of your clients with you talents.

Marianne Bartley & Barbara Breitung

A Face for all seasons

Face and body painting is a way of celebrating life! Do your designs also celebrate the changing seasons and holidays? In this class, we will teach some designs with a seasonal appeal and hope to inspire you to also adapt some of your existing designs to help you create a face for all seasons. Come and play with us and find some special ideas to take home. Barbara Breitung and Marianne Bartley will be co-teaching this class to bring their distinctly different styles to a variety of designs. Yes, there will be some quick and simple designs for those anticipating long lines. Come celebrate the seasons with us!

Just one more thing

Take your designs from Simple to Sublime, Sensational, Spectacular! This class is designed to make you think about how you can use a variety of elements to take your present skills and designs to a new level. This is a very interactive class where students will participate in creating the designs. There will be prizes! Come and play with Mariane and Barb Brietung!

Marianne Bartley

Through their eyes…

How do potential clients see you? Do you inspire them to make that call, send that email, commit to that event? Web presence is important, ads and business cards are essential. Let’s explore what you need to include to motivate future clients to take the next step to booking you for their celebration that would be so much more memorable with YOU entertaining.

Tribals and Special Line Work

If you are having trouble with lifework or are afraid of tribals.  Let's play with them and see what you can do to enhance your designs and make them more teen and adult friendly.  Example:  We can take your regular dolphin and make it into a tribal dolphin.

Barbara Breitung


Head piece Jam Class Part 2 this class will take off from last year’s basics of making your own head piece. (you didn't have to participate in last year's jam to attend this one).  You will learn how to make a head piece by using a visor and head band, and using different materials to make them come alive. I believe you can make these as simple or elaborate as you want when knowing the basics of how to put them together. Come and join us in the jam room it’s going to be a great time. I also have a few new elements for the class this year so keep your eyes open for the class day and time.

Dawn Dewitt

Design Boards for Speedy Painting at Fairs and Festivals

To make $2000 in a day at a fair or festival is not unusual, depending on key factors. Dawn will teach you how to weigh opportunities against the risks and help you make decisions for the spring and summer seasons. Her workshop will include her hard and fast formula that can be applied to any public fair/festival (pay-per-face), so you too can make a ton of money...or know when to walk away. (Worksheets provided.) Business Basics: book keeping and taxes, estimating revenues, paying artists. Contracting with the Fair: exclusivity, location and relationships. Booth Architecture: materials, structure, flow & stability (Not everyone has a CAMPER & CUSTOM TRAILER, but Dawn has done fairs without them also...) Health & Wellness concerns * Popular Faces for Fairs & Festivals: why they work & how to make them your own.

Face Painting for Beginners & Balloonists

Join Dawn as she demystifies basic face painting skills. She will teach you the simple skills needed to be able paint what your clients want. You don’t need a huge kit to be able to provide quality face painting, you need techniques and tools that give you results. Using supplies that will fit in a backpack, you will learn how to create simple yet effective faces using Dawn’s time-saving techniques. You’ll talk about how to transition smoothly from one skillset to another at the same event and when it’s appropriate to do so.

Arla Albers

Imagine That!

Come with pen and paper to take notes on the latest and greatest tips and tricks that people have for face painting and balloons. Whether it be something that is painted or a marketing idea. If you have not already contributed, it's not too late. Contact Arla Albers and let her know you want to share with the group! She can add you in. Anyone who shares with the group will be given 2 additional free raffle tickets. Don't miss this General Session. It's deemed to be one of the best classes at the conference!

Restaurant Work

Whether you are doing face painting, balloons, glitter tats, or henna, this class will help you to GET that restaurant work and know what to do to keep that restaurant job!

Give us your thoughts (convention survey)

Give us your thoughts on the convention…..good things, things that need to be changed, what you'd do differently next time. Let's talk so we can make the convention even better next year.

Connie Iden-Monds

900 a week to 9k a month

Visualize success! This class will discuss what you need to consider when ramping up your business including planning, budgeting as well as the research, marketing and execution to get you to where you need to be.

Hands on Centerpiece Class

Come learn with us! Use your twisting skills, non-inflated techniques and maybe even add a bit of décor to your repertoire to create themed centerpieces for the final night banquet.

Mark Reid

State Fair Designs

Come learn the designs and styles that have Mark and his great team making top dollars each year at the Texas State Fair.  Designs change yearly to keep up with the current trends, so if you have taken this class before this is not a repeat...NEW DESIGNS that are money makers and can be done fast and furiously.

Photographing your Model - GENERAL SESSION

Tribals and lettering

Mark's tribal designs and lettering are beyond fantastic.  Come and learn all of the trips and tricks to make perfect tribals and lettering that can enhance your basic designs and bring them over the top.  Come learn from the MASTER of these styles and designs.

Ashley Pickin

Difficult Designs Explained

Ashley will share with you how to do those faces that always seem to stump painters: unicorns, dolphins, the big green man, monkeys, a car, and dragons!

Embrace the Face

Embrace the Face! -Are you afraid to draw faces, or a ninja, or maybe a mermaid on a child's arm or cheek? Well come to this class and Ashley will show you how to turn most characters into simple shapes that are easy to draw! Eyes, smiles, and bodies will be a breeze!

Silly Jilly

Sculptures You Can Do in Less Than Four Minutes; Gags Too

Balloonatic RN will teach some quick animals using pre-printed balloons. Headband balloons too. Silly Jilly will show a few gags she does to get kids laughing while waiting for balloons. For example, losing a balloon not noticing it is under her arm. Silly Jilly will bring several balloon animals, and the class can choose two or three they would like her to teach, for example, a flamingo, alligator, fish, and duck. Students will learn a trick to prevent Minnie Mouse bow headbands getting crooked.

Kim Brennan

Fun-TASTIC Florals 

This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape. Suggested that students take a ‘Mixing basics’ class before this class- mixing questions will be relegated to end of class (as time allows) or jam room.

Men-di! Let’s hear it for the boys!

This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape. Suggested that students take a ‘Mixing basics’ class before this class- mixing questions will be relegated to end of class (as time allows) or jam room.

Festival Favorites!

Fun favorites that are quick, cute and provide high return! This class mixes some traditional motifs with some of the most requested 'today' designs. From paisleys to sugar skulls - Roses to steampunk. Requests may be taken in class! This class requires the students to bring paper and pen, practice henna or they may choose to follow along or video tape.

Mixing 101 

Proper mixing techniques, sourcing, times, temperatures and the botony, biology, cultural awareness and tips and tricks to make the process of mixing your own henna as painless as possible. Introducing henna to your business and the cost effectiveness of mixing and offering henna in a growing market! Some practice and line building exercises for getting you started!

Paty Deleon

Silly Animals

This class is all about the animals on the eye. During this class i'm going to give many different animals to add to your board. Perfect cute animals with the wow factor for on the job one each explained step by step.

Sassy Eye Designs

Perfect for moms and teens, these designs are great to make moms get into party mood. Each of these designs are unique and full of cuteness and color. During this class im going to give it ideas and how you can create you own sassy eye designs and why we always need to have a few cute eye designs ready to go for moms and teens. Make plans to take my class I promise you will not regret it.

Margaret Mauthe

Bring on the Wild Side

Everyone does tigers and leopards, but how about bringing in a bit of an adult aspect by painting the designs on arms, shoulders and other body parts. Incorporate colors and fanciful extras when doing these fast wild designs, and guarantee a return client in your explosive creations.

Whimsical Faces / Quick Eye Designs

Do you do smiley faces? How about caricaturizing that simple orb into a coquettish face staring out of a flower or simple swirl of color. Challenge yourself to combine couple of opposite designs. Why not a tiger butterfly or a tiger lily? When you need to be creative to impress your client, but time is of the essence, learn to create these quick eye designs that make a child giggle and still wow’s the adult. It is the quick boy/girl eye designs when you have more than 20 people in line.

Mike Mauthe

We Can Make It Better

BEGINNER TO ADVANCED Do you want to take your balloons to the next level ?In this class we will turn good balloons into great balloons!!! Using a few simple techniques, we will give basic balloons the “WOW” factor!! Even if you have a limited number of balloons in your repertoire, I will show you how to give your clients, “three times” the options!! You will see that sometimes the smallest details can have the greatest impact!!

What Balloons Do You Want To Learn?

Is there a special balloon you have always wanted to learn? At the beginning of this class, Mike will take suggestions from the attendees of what balloons they would like to learn. Mike will try to teach those that are most asked for while also teaching the balloons that are most requested of him on a daily basis along with some of his favorites.

Robbie Hay


Butterflies, snake, dragon,swan,flowers,panda bear, penquin, horse or unicorn,fish,bunny,turtle,cow, heart,shark bird, dog, cat, star, snowflake,bumblebee, etc. can be easily painted on the cheek. Join us in an intense session of overcoming the fear of painting cheek art. The method is fun. Bring a few paints, brushes, and wet wipes.


What is a liner, angle,chisel,rake,filbert, deerfoot, and a round? How do you use these brushes to do what you want? What's the best brush to use for a tear drop? Join us for a fun time learning to use, take care of, and where to find our kind of brushes to use on faces. So many brushes, so little time.......

Elisa & Stetson Griffith

Make money with your airbrush kit

Airbrush class with Stetson and Elisa Griffith. Join Elisa and her guest star Stetson as they show you how team work pays off! In this in-depth class they will show you just how to use your stencils to make one of a kind Airbrush tattoo and Mask! They will show you how to use Wiser tattoos and other tricks to make money with your airbrush kit!

Black light madness class

Black light madness class Elisa Griffith brings you this accelerating black light madness class that will have you on the edge of your chair. As she shows you how to create some of the coolest UV face paint designs, her technique is one of kind that is suited for kids of all ages. She will teach you a variation of different strokes to create a colorful mask, along with a gorgeous chic crown and some eye designs.

Keltic Beauty

Keltic Beauty Elisa Griffith brings you an exciting new style called Keltic Beauty. This style combines two concepts, Beauty make-up and Renaissance inspired masks, as well as elven crowns. These styles are great for Renaissance fairs, Cosplay characters, and even Avant Garden Make-up Looks. Did we forget to mention you can also incorporate these into any fairy, fawn and elf face paint? You are going to have a blast with this class, so grab all your tools as we take you back in time with the Keltic Beauty.

Yvonne Harmon

PPF Madness: Fairs and Festivals

Ins and outs, is this for me? Designs and how to see if it is a good fit for you.

Fun, Fast and Festive Eye Splashes and Designs for all ages.

Bianca Hannah

Freehand Glitter Tattoos  (jam session)

Practice how to apply freehand glitter tattoos,  learn about different products and go glitter crazy!

Cala Lilies

In this class you will learn and practice how to do cala lilies and we will create some beautiful floral designs with them.

Dragon Designs

In this class we'll do a variety of different styles of dragons. Dragons are fun and kids and adults love them. No more hesitating about painting them.

Lea Selley

Create Atmosphere and Fun Backgrounds for your face and arm paintings!

With just a little extra effort you can add a whole dimension of artistic entertainment to your standard cheek and arm paintings.  In this class you will learn how to mix and match different stencils to create fun stories while you are painting - so that when your model looks into the mirror at the final result they will have a creative context of whimsical fantasy when they see the unique design you created just for them!  In this class you will be using the GraffitiEyes line of face painting stencils using water activated makeup and powder makeup and sponges.

10 Essential Tips to Achieve PERFECT Face Painting Stencil Transfers

In this 90 minute I will share essential knowledge you need to know to achieve PERFECT transfers using your face painting stencils! You will attract face painting success on so many levels…! Getting clean transfers, how to use them on kids successfully, and how to keep the stencils clean while working so that integrating the art of stenciling into your painting process is fast and efficient! I will even demonstrate different types of face painting products such as water activated paint versus pressed powders, and how to use them so that you can use to get ideal transfers no matter how much experience you have. As an added bonus you will learn how to create prefect backgrounds for cheek-art and how to create the Ultimate Graffiti Eye design!!

Tina Carroll

One Stroke Wonders

Learn my technique one-stroke sponging to create a variety of designs adding speed, depth and the perfect blend of color.Learn to take the ordinary to the extraordinary!!!

Feline Frenzy

Back by popular demand. Learn to paint of variety of felines from the cute and colorful to the wild cats of the jungle. Using stencils and other tools these cats will be fun, fancy and fabulous!!!

Loretta Kava

Mystical Faeries (Intro to Prosthetics - Ear Tips and Embellishments)

As the face and body painter for many years at the largest gathering of faeries and forest creatures in North American, Sweet Loretta has learned a few things. She will share some tricks on how to add quick practical prosthetic pieces to an enchanting effortless faerie designs. She will be using face paints and new metallic alcohol-activated makeup and metallic powders for designs you can recreate and build on. A great class for all levels especially beginners looking to add basic prosthetics to impress and embellish your designs at a variety of events.

Forest Fears (Intro to Prosthetics – Horns and Facial Applications)

Painting for years a Faeries gatherings Sweet Loretta know there is more to the forest than faeries. Knowing the tricks in varies prosthetics application will help you create stand apart fear-inducing characters. In this class students will learn to create dark characters using special effects products such as Zombie Skin and prosthetic transfer materials to create a dark forest creature. It’s easier than you think to add basic prosthetics into easy and simple dark designs. A great class for all levels especially those looking to make their own basic prosthetics to amaze and astound at a variety of events.

Airbrushing Forest Elements (Add the Airbrush to Your Everyday Set-up)

Sweet Loretta will show you how to incorporate a simple airbrush set-up into your everyday face painting set-up. The airbrush creates clear crisp designs and the perceived value with this kit will easily double your profits. This is a hands-on class showing you how to use airbrush and stencils to be able to add extra quick details. Participants will learn new skills and fine tune painting techniques. Along with using stencils and rails, students will work on mastering free hand skills.


Advanced Airbrushing

In depth airbrushing hands-on class covering kits, stencils and airbrushing. Everyone will take an airbrush apart to learn how to clean it. Bring your airbrush! (We will have extra airbrushes if needed.)

Beginner Airbrush Tattoos

Come see the ins and outs of airbrush tattoos during this class. It will be a hands-on class so everyone will use an airbrush! Learn how to avoid over and under spray, blending and walk a stencil. No experience or equipment needed.

Kat Berringer

Split Cake 101

– Kat will demo creating and using sponge/brush split cakes to increase your speed, without compromising quality. Designs will be demonstrated, along with advice on which paints to use and which to not use.

Using tools is not cheating!

– Kat will demonstrate using stencils, daubers and stamps for basic shapes/designs, as they’re evolved into the final look. We will focus on creating designs at speed unachievable without these tools. Focus will also be placed on basic application, so attendees can modify tools to their specific needs.

Airbrush 101

- Airbrush basics and stencil use will be covered. Water-based make-up will be used for this class. Single layer stencils will be used and hands-on will be made available. There will be discussion on use, application and products. NOTE: I respectfully request that all questions regarding non-body art application be asked during jam time sessions. I will be available the entire week.

Dennis Scott 

Make Money Selling Balloon Decor

Join Dennis as he shows you simple tips and techniques that will allow you to ad an additional and very profitable revenue stream to you business.  For beginner to intermediate

Holiday Balloon Sculptures

Join Dennis as he teaches several unique and fresh holiday designs for the upcoming holiday season.

Balloon Hats

In this class you will learn several unique and colorful hat designs that will create a huge impact at your event.

Michelle Soltis

How to apply a bald cap

Latex, vinyl, plastic or homemade – it’s all the same basics that can take your creations to the next level.

ShowOffs Stencil Eyes and Profiles

StencilEyes and Profiles are face paint airbrush stencils designed and created by Donna Nowak of ShowOffs Body Art. They are simple and easy to use with a little patience and practice. There are endless designs and possibilities to create hundreds of faces in a quick and professional manner. They work great for large parties with hundreds of kids. Learn how Glitter to Gore and other businesses have increased their business by 60% by adding these stencils to their list of services. Use StencilEyes to create 1/4, ½ and full faces with simple stencil manipulation. Continue to practice and easily be able to do 30-40 full faces in an hour!

Morgan Vemu

Intro to Bling Making 

This Class is geared towards artists who have yet had the experience of Bling making. Learn all the basics from supplies, tips, and tricks. All supplies are provided during the class, along with the wonderful creations you will get the opportunity to create. Come and enjoy the fun in basic bling making by BangN Bling.

Mask Making with Morgan

Don’t sit back and relax just yet, this is an interactive class where you are going to get the opportunity to create a custom made two piece bling mask that you can take with you to wear to your next party and be the cynosure of all eyes. I ask everyone to bring a couple of face paints and a brush (ex. black and purple) and be prepared to put a little paint on your face!! All other supplies will be provided.

Josh Routh

Comedy By the Seat of Your Pants

Get ready to pick up some clever word play and handy tricks with your body or that fit in your pocket. This workshop is designed to help performers get more laughs and connect more deeply with their audience. Whether you are a face and body painter, juggler, magician, balloon artist or any other kind of variety entertainer this workshop will give you tons of tools, routines and gags that are easy to do. You will learn basic character skills, tricks with everyday objects and tons of silly skills!

Beginner Basics: Magic Tricks and More

Many people are intimidated by magic, but Oh My Gosh Josh is going to help you learn simple magic skills that can be incorporated in walk around, at a table or in a full show. You will learn OMG Josh's philosophy on magic and see how a little trick can go a long way. Attendees will walk away knowing how to perform a minimum of 10 tricks and even have the props to do them! Join us and get a fresh new take on this amazing skill.

Donna Trout

Balloon Extravaganza, Fun Balloon Challenges and Candy Cups

This will basically be a fun balloon challenge class. We will learn how to make a basic Balloon Candy Cup with supplies provided. Everyone leaves with their own Candy Cup creation that will be part of one of the fun challenges I have planned. Prizes will be awarded for each challenge we do. These will all be great ideas you can take back to your clubs/ alleys to try. There will be additional challenges such things as, best 2 minute dog, best line work balloon in 2 minutes, a Mystical Forest theme balloon challenge, behind your back balloon animal challenge, a blind fold sharpie challenge and two member team challenges to name a few.

Lindsey Foster

Purty Faces with Pookie!

Need help with your marker art? In this class Lindsey (Pookie) will help you take the fear out of drawing on your balloons and teach you step by step how to make your faces look as amazing as your creations!  You will learn what markers to use and where to find them, and simple techniques to create different faces.  By the end of this class you will be able to create a variety of faces to add character and charm to your princesses, baby dolls, boy faces and animals! You will also make some cute balloons to practice your artwork on!  Grab your sharpies and get ready to have some fun in this hands on class!

Pookie's Party favorites!

In this class you will learn popular parodies, princesses, wearables and animals that are requested over and over again! Suitable for some line work, parties and events.  You and your clients will love these super cute and fun designs!

Holiday Balloons!

Need some fresh ideas for the holidays?  The holidays are the busiest time of year for Entertainers and holiday balloons are a must have to impress your clients and guests!  You will learn some of the most requested holiday designs, from Valentine's Day to Christmas and everything inbetween!

Clayton "ChiTwister" James

Chubby Wubbys

Clayton will be teaching some of his favorite designs. Chubby Wubbys have adorable faces with big cheeks and adorable eyes. They’re not too difficult and are about as adorable as you can get. The base face structure for these designs work for just about any animal you can think of. Make sure to have an assortment of 5 inch rounds with matching twisting balloons.

BIG Heads!

BRING YOUR QUICK LINKS! Big Heads are just what they sound like. Big. Awesome. Balloon. Heads. We’ll use 12 inch quick links, 350s and 5 inch rounds to make some awesomely large designs that work great as party add-ons, column toppers and can even be made at slower events. Just like with the Chubby Wubbys, the base structure of these designs have countless possibilities. You’ll need complimentary colored quick links, as well 350s, 5 inch rounds and 260s.

Jody Rife

Learn all about Quirgles

 I started face painting like so many others, asked by a friend to help out at an event and I was hooked. I love painting so many different styles. Dramatic eye designs, monsters, you name it, I just love to paint. One of my favorite things that I have created and continue to paint are the Quirgles! The Quirgles are a group of silly, sweet, mythical monsters that live on Quirgle Island. They each have their own little story and personality. Together with Julie Oliver and Claire Pick, creators of Illusion Magazine, we created a book full of these little, fun to paint creatures. In my classes, I will show you step by step how to paint them and maybe even create your own! Some bounce, some fly,some run and some crawl, but one thing is for certain, you will love them all.

Aubrie Goodnoe

Sponge and Brush Hand Painting with Waterproof Make Up 

Want to invest in yourself and learn a new skill? Paint with ProAiir Hybrid Makeup! In this class, award-winning face and body painter Aubrie Goodnoe shows you tricks and techniques to hand paint with waterproof ProAiir and create your own stunning designs!

Learn about a whole new income stream with our new Window Painting Track brought to you by Michelle Tradesman and WinPic.  Check out these classes and bring in the $money$ during your slow times.

Ann Roggenkamp

How To Paint A Window Splash from A to Z

Beginner level class on the art of painting windows. Start to finish. Tools, methods, and procedure. What kind of paint to choose, where to find what you need, Do's and Don'ts. Where to start and how to finish!

The EYES Have It!

Creating expressive characters.  Choosing art to fit your client’s needs and the message they want to convey. Effective layout for this type of advertising. Where to get ideas. How to build your business.

More About Window Splash Painting

How to solve some common problems and challenges. More on paints, brushes, and methods to apply and remove your artwork. How to charge for your work. Making your hours more profitable. Choosing the clientele that fits your skill level. Setting yourself up to succeed.

Deborah Gary


Do you think it will take too long to get a window painting biz up & running, as well as getting picture perfect designs; not to mention a barrel of $$$ to get started?  Think again.  I will share how I got over 20 clients in a few months starting with about $50 along with a design that can easily be altered for every season of the year.  If I can do it, so can you.

Painting in the Cold Weather and Design Removal

Can you paint in reverse?  As in Backwards. If so, awesome!  You can paint in the warmth of the inside of a window to be viewed from the outside and you should teach your technique to us. The rest of us have to paint outside in the cold.  But that’s ok.  There are many tips on doing so and we will find out several in this class  along with a cold weather friendly design that can be altered for any business window you paint it on. Removing designs from windows will also be covered.