Convention Classes

CONVENTION CLASSES will be held on

Monday, November 14 - Thursday, November 17  2016



Business Roundtable: Thursday 

General Session Presentation

Join your peers to discuss marketing, sales, booking platforms or just about anything that you can think of. You can learn quite a bit from your peers and our moderators have many years in business combined as a personal business and as a corporation. So bring on the questions!

The Fabulous Face Paint Low Down:  Monday

General Session Presentation

Anna Wilinski and Santiago Massano will be going over all of the questions you have concerning different types of face paints available on the market. After running Jest Paint for the past 7 years they have tried all of their products and know them inside out! If you are not sure what paint will be best for the heat, pool parties, your humid or dry climate, sensitive skin, black light events, temporary tattoos, different skin tones, etc, this session is for you! Learn about FDA regulations for cosmetics, how liability insurance plays a part in the products you use and how you use them and other important factors as well.

Tips and Tricks For Everyone:  Wednesday

General Session Presentation

Lori Hurley, All About Contracts:  Tuesday

General Session Presentation



The power of the dark side! (2)

Nick will demonstrate the sithlords of the Star Wars universe in this villainous class.  The complex geometry of these bad guys will be shown and explained to Fri g tour's to the next level.  Darth Maul, Vader, Kylo Ten and the Emperor will be together at last!  The circle is now complete!

Jaw dropping animals!  (2)

This demo features Nick Wolfe painting a variety of creature with open mouths.  Whether it's a design with the model's mouth integrated into the design or the tongue and teeth painted on,these fantastic fauna will leave your maw agape!  


Add Beauty makeup to your Face painting designs!  (2)

This class teaches how to include Beauty makeup to any Face painting designs to add value and to add that WOW effect. We will learn the use of powders like eyeshadow, Starblends and pigments and the the use of special makeup brushes. Take your designs to the next Glamour level!  (Also check out Elisa's new color palettes for sale this year!)  


Tropical Paradise

In this class we will be using stencils and split cakes, we will be learning different flowers with some other elements to create some really nice tropical designs.  They will be on the face neckline and arms as well. This Class will be hands on so bring your paints.

Outrageous Owls

In this class we will be learning one stroke owls how to place them and use design elements to create designs on the face, arm and décolletage.  This class will be hands on so bring your paints and brushes and let’s get ready to paint.

Make Your Own Headpieces JAM CLASS Monday Night

Have you ever wanted to make your face and body art pieces stand out? Come learn the basics of making your own head piece design. You will see how to transform a headband, a dollar store crown and a visor into a head piece using different materials.  I believe you can make these as simple or elaborate as you want when knowing the basics of how to put them together.  Beautiful accent pieces, that will make your art designs pop.  Come and join us in this fun and basic head piece class in the jam room its going to be a fun time. Look for the time and day when the schedule comes out. There will be a $10 supply fee but ALL SUPPLIES ARE INCLUDED!  (Feel free to bring some of your own supplies if you have something special in mind.)

20160717_185745-1purple sugar fairy skinmarkalex editgood dana ippicy

Balloon Candy Cups

In this class we will learn how to take the balloon animals you already make and put them on candy cups. We will cover some ways to market them and places where you can get the cups and the lids. We will also talk about how to use small mylar and rounds if you dont already twist balloons and you want to add this to your already face painting business.



Ponies, Ponies and more Ponies  (2)

MLP often seem to be the nemesis for face painters.  Margi Kanter has taken the time to study and figure out the quickest most effective way to paint these characters with the benefit of adorable animation, to take them to yet another level. In this workshop,  Margi will break down the steps to creating 4 different styles of MLP designs.  She will guide you through demonstration as well as hands on principles.  The eyes are the window to the soul of each character but often times we do not have time for detailed eyes. She will show you how to create ponies for every season with just a few quick twists and turns.  Adding just a bit of bling in all the right places finishes your design with a bang!

Powders demo class  (2)

Are you tired of your paints melting in the sun?  Let Margi share her tips and tricks for painting with powders!  She will demonstrate how to combine different powder makeups to create both vibrant and quick designs!  Margi will share her techniques to help you to understand the value of your powder palettes.  They are not just for hot days but also for busy events and preschool and sensitive kids who don’t like the feel of wet paint on their face. The industries best kept secret revealed!  Let’s Play!  


10 Essential Tips to Achieve PERFECT Face Painting Stencil Transfers (2)

In this 90 minute I will share essential knowledge you need to know to achieve PERFECT transfers using your face painting stencils!  You will attract face painting success on so many levels…!  Getting clean transfers, how to use them on kids successfully, and how to keep the stencils clean while working so that integrating the art of stenciling into your painting process is fast and efficient!  I will even demonstrate different types of face painting products such as water activated paint versus pressed powders, and how to use them so that you can use to get ideal transfers no matter how much experience you have.  As an added bonus you will learn how to create prefect backgrounds for cheek-art and how to create the Ultimate Graffiti Eye design!!  


Fun with Glitter Tattoos (2)

Glitter tattoos have been around for a few years now, but there are still so many clients and potential clients that haven’t seen them yet.  Learn the best way to display and apply them.  This class will also benefit those who currently offer glitter tattoos, but want a more professional set up and to learn the secrets of how to make the tattoos look their best!  You will also be supplied with a list of where to buy the best supplies.  Some artists say anyone can do them, but I disagree.  There really is a technique and an art to it.

Pretty Kitties (2)

Join me in this cute and cuddly class filled with the prettiest kitties around!  In this class, I will teach you how to make simple and adorable feline faces with splashes of color using one stroke technique and stencils.  The kitties you will learn are the Tiger, Cheetah, Lion cub, a Holiday kitty, and Princess Kitty.  This is a great class if you struggle with cats or just want to take them up a notch!  


Ladies and Gentlemen! Face art is not just for kids….

So you are great at painting the kiddies….but what about the adults who want to be painted?  In this class, explore some simple designs for both men and women and learn techniques for giving your existing designs some renovation to make them more appealing to the more mature clients.  If you add designs that appeal to an older demographic, you open up all kinds of possible venues, whether you want to encourage parents to be painted or would like to expand to late teens and adult type events.

Creating fast and easy Princess crowns with split cakes

Princess crowns are always in demand but do you cringe when someone asks for one because you have a line and know it is going to be a slower design for you?  Let’s play and explore ways to make quick but impressive crowns to satisfy the little Princesses in your line without the stress.

Creating levels in your designs….fast, fabulous, fantastic

What if your designs all had 3 levels? Let’s explore how take your designs from the basic to more embellished to more intricate.  Learn how to make your simplest designs more appealing and engaging.  Using very quick and easy embellishments, you can make even your most basic designs rock and do it in record time.  This is a hands-on class.  Learn some quick new designs or bring your favorite designs and collaborate on techniques to make them pop!  


Introduction to Pro Face Painting: Tips and Tricks

Includes lots of HANDS-ON practice and a handout to take home Getting Started With Professional Level Skills, Techniques and Tools Professional Set-up in 3 Minutes Using Glitters Safely and With Amazing Effects Sanitary Safety Musts Beautiful Brush Strokes Essentials Elements for the Best Fantastic Designs Using Face Paints and Powders With Professional Level Skills 20160515_064930

Day of the Dead Faces - Made Easy

Includes lots of HANDS-ON work and a handout to take home. From the author of the best selling book on how to do Day of the Dead Faces.  Learn the beautiful elaborate designs used for special events, to the fast and quick faces you can do at parties.  How to break down the various aspects of the Day of the Dead designs into hundreds of great designs. Find out the tricks of applying the white background flawlessly. 2015-10-23 10.16.44

2 Minute & Under: Fast & Fabulous Designs

Full Faces & Large arm designs Speedy Boy Designs in under two minutes How to use pressed powders with amazing effects split cakes strokes for easy quick designs Speed tricks to help you fly through a large event 2015-06-27 18.17.01  


Building flowers is just the beginning!

You do it in paint, so now learn it in henna! Roses, buds, Indian style basics, and shading! Creating stunning floral ‘arrangements’ in henna lend itself well to more illustrative face and body painting too when you incorporate those same lines and design building techniques.  Let’s create some beauty that they won’t soon forget!!!

Henna is not just for the girls!

AKA Henna illustrations. Skulls, fairies, feathers! Take on modern tattoo favorites and create henna patterns that will be your walking advertisement for many days to come!  We will break down some basic patterns so you can whip out a large design in minutes that can make you fly down a long henna line!!

Traditional henna style!

We’ve seen the ‘cool’ stuff that most kids and tweens want, but there has been a trend towards some of the more ‘old school’ and traditional patterns among non-traditional henna lovers!  Learn how to create beautiful paislys, mandalas and leaves! Breaking it down ‘old skool’ is what this class is all about! 

Pre-natal class - aka as beautiful baby bumps!

Great service to add to your business! Baby bump belly paintings are a trend that has only been growing and we'll be learning about how to seat yourself and the new mom for her belly art, safety for henna bellies and 2 quick demos on henna for bellies and a quick $$ making belly painting.  


Scary and Cool Faces with Split Cakes

Anna Wilinski will teach you how to use your split cakes to transform your clients into skulls, sea monsters, dragons, fierce felines and more!  Learn how to use your split cakes to create 3D facial shading, horns, gills, flames, cheek art creatures, scales, bones and more!  Feel free to bring a practice board and some face painting supplies to follow Anna along during this very popular class.

Specialty brushes and how to use them to pump up your painting!

Specialty brushes are popping up all around face paint land! Come check out this demo class by Anna Wilinski and discover how to speed up your face painting and get even more creative with a cool variety of uniquely shaped brushes. Anna will show you how to use them to create eye mask and cheek art designs, and show you how to create different patterns and texture effects on larger surfaces of the body. If you have some specialty brushes and are not sure what to do with them, or if you want something in your kit that will spice things up, this is the class for you!



Get your cat on!!  This class teaches the basics of cat faces..... Kitties, Lions and Tigers! From the basics to the extreme.

Superheroes for Boys and Girls  (2)

Most popular masks for Boys and Girls. Quick (well....some of them) and easy designs for birthdays and festivals!

Calligraphy & Lettering

Learn the art of using calligraphy and lettering to help you customize designs to include names and more.  Learn from the master of lettering and take your designs to the next level.  


The Facepainting Business

Manage your business by knowing how to market it, how to use the internet, write press releases, approach restaurants, organize the desk, get the scoop on booking secrets, and how wheel and deal the clients.

Easy Peasy Cheek Art

Some parents don't want full faces on their kids.  Don't lose that extra five bucks.  Okay, how about a very simple design on the cheek.  You please the parent and the child.  Step by step, easy to follow, great looking cheek designs on the cheek.  


Picture This!

Photo opportunities are all the rage in our selfie obsessed nation.  Learn how to create photo frames with minimal cost that can produce a big sale as add-ons to your existing events.  We’ll teach different shapes, styles and even show off portable frames.

Hands on Centerpiece class

Pull out your pumps and scissors and join us in this workshop to make adorable centerpieces for the final night banquet.  They include several different techniques so come join the candy brigade and create a tabletop delight!

Business Roundtable  (intimate size in balloon room)

Join your peers to discuss marketing, sales, booking platforms or just about anything that you can think of. You can learn quite a bit from your peers and our moderators have over 38 years in business combined as a personal business and as a corporation. So bring on the questions!  


How to Hand Paint with ProAiir (2)

I will show you how easy it is to make your own ProAiir plastic palate in this class, and paint like a pro with just a few colors. Learn how to use watercolor techniques on the skin! After this class, you will be able to add waterproof options to your arsenal, no airbrush needed!  This class is perfect for those students who love to paint on canvas or paper!  Learn WHY it is so important to be on top of your game by offering the waterproof option to your potential clients in all four seasons.

 Most Popular Mythological Creatures

Learn how to effortlessly paint full arm pieces with popular requests that seem more challenging than they are…  Enchant the Unicorn! Swim with the Mermaid! Fly with the Dragon!  Ignite your Imagination with the Phoenix, and more!  This class not only shows you how to paint these mythological beauties, but learn secrets to amaze guests and collect your handsome reward$$$!  We will be using the full length and width of the arm, but all these designs can be modified to become cheek art, or around the eye! The beauty and ease of this class is found in painting basic shapes, stacked with detail.

Intro to Body Painting

This class will cover the fundamentals of body painting to prevent rookie mistakes!  This is a wonderful class in which to ask business questions. We will paint!!!  But we will also talk about model care, the differences between pasties, model releases, photographer rights, composition, subject matter, what makes a top shelf body painting, timelines, and making the most of your assistant!  How do judges find a winning piece?  How do I make money body painting?  Find out in class, and start your joyful journey in body paint self-discovery, and the path of competition.  



Dawn Paints It

(Or how to turn a drawing or cartoon into amazing face art) Stuck in a rut? Not sure how to turn a Pokemon, logo or fluffy Pomeranian into a fun, quick face? Lacey and Dawn will talk you through the process of turning any drawing, cartoon or illustration into a unique face painting. This duo will help you laugh your through a process we all struggle with.  


For intermediate to advanced painters who are comfortable with doing quality sponging and linework. Time is money and in this class Dawn and Lacey will share the time saving tips and tricks that have made them fair and festival superstars.  You will learn how climate can affect your speed, when to “cut corners” and how to minimize your customers’ wait time.  You will learn how to produce top quality work in half the time. We will not be teaching you new designs, we will be teaching you how to make your designs work for you.  Come prepared to discuss the designs you use that you find the most time consuming. This is not a beginners class.

Fair and Festival Story Time

Painting at Fairs and Festivals can be risky.  Dawn will share tips and tricks for making them profitable, fun and safe.  They will share some of their most popular faces with you as they share the knowledge they’ve gleaned from over 12 years of working the good, the bad, and the downright ugly together.  As a bonus, Lacey will be more than happy to tell you the good, the bad and the downright ugly side of working with Dawn.  


STENCIL WIZARDRY w/Andrea O’Donnell, Creator of Bad Ass Stencils

So we all know how a stencil works right?  You put paint through a little hole and VOILA!   Instant design! Simple concept, even a kid can do it!  In this class,  Andrea will take you beyond the basics, showing you how to master the proper use of stencils in your face and body painting with advanced techniques and cool tricks that will elevate your designs from pretty cool to BAD ASS in minutes! Learn how to achieve crisp edges, work with textures & freestyle designs, combine and layer stencils for unique effects, create custom stencils, and more.  Andrea will also discuss how stencils can be used to work with other non-skin related techniques, projects, tools, products and surfaces! Come prepared with a paper, pen, camera and an open mind!  You will never look at stencils the same way again after taking this class!


"Learn to airbrush the EASY way in this hands-on beginner airbrushing workshop. Andrea has the solution to the perfect airbrush set up for facepainters! Forget about huge expensive compressors, heavy Co2 tanks, tangled hoses, bulky manifolds and over-priced airbrush guns... NOT necessary to achieve simple airbrush facepainting! With a compact, economical system that easily fits right into almost any face painter's kit, and a few fast drying, easy to clean airbrush colors, you can create an endless variety of perfectly blended backgrounds and super detailed facepaint designs faster, easier, and cleaner than ever before! No more messy, germy sponges to wash! The kids will think it's cool, the parents will love the sanitary aspect, and you will enjoy more income, cleaner hands, and less hassle than you ever expected with airbrushing! It's SO easy! Brand new demo units will be offered at a special discounted rate exclusively to students attending this class!! Great way to try before you buy!  


Balloons with 6 or less balloons (intermediate)

Students will learn a variety of sculptures that take less than five minutes to make including Marshall from Paw Patrol and a one-balloon poop emoji that is really popular on a headband. Silly Jilly will show a comedy routine she does her at weekly restaurant gigs with a balloon chicken hat.  It gets returning kids asking, “Did you bring your toilet?” img_7645


Fun Animal Designs (demo only) (2)

In this class we will be learning a few *Fun Animal designs* and more , we will be using combinations of techniques like sponges, brushes and one stroke techniques for impressive results.  Paty will be breaking down every design in steps and guide you through a demonstration for a better understanding on how to recreate them, come and enjoy Paty for this FUN class.  Although this is a demo class, Paty will be available in the jam room to help you master the techniques of this class and other things you might need help on so be sure to join us in the jam room.  

JENNY HENRY (these classes were the BIGGEST hit last year!)

Bubbles 101  Inside class  

Intro to Bubbles 101 - Learn how to make your own giant bubble mix.  Plus tools, references  and resources to get you started.  Experience the KIB  (Kid in Bubble) in this class.

The Bubble Outdoor Experience

Outdoor Show demonstration and participation - Try out bubble equipment including tri-wands, garland and nets and learn about their uses

Try out bubble rigs and see how they work in different situations.  Immerse yourself in this outdoor bubble experience to know why this is an easy upsell.

Beginning Balloons for the Face Painter (2)

Are you a face painter that would like to add another income stream to your business?  If you would like to have the opportunity to try out the art of balloon sculpting this class is for you!


PPF (PAY PER FACE)?? Madness!!!

The in's and the out's, designs, setups, is this a good fit for me? Do the math. Can I make any money here? In this class I will show you how to look at PPF's (Pay Per Face) event and make money. You know all those event where they want you to come work for FREE in exchange for free advertising LOL! I have tricks to show you how to turn it around and make money at them. Making the person on the other end think that's it's a wonderful idea.

WOW Factors... Ohh, ahhh, wow! how did they do that?

One stroke fun and fabulous fun for everyone. Flowers, jewelry, arm bands, and the magic of shimmer powders.  


 Balloon decor fundamentals.

Are you a balloon twister or painter looking to add another revenue stream? In this class we will cover the very basics on creating very profitable, sellable, and very simple balloon decor. We will also cover what materials are needed to create simple columns and arches.

The "Essential 10"

New to balloon art or interested in learning the very basics? This class will teach you the 10 most common and basic balloon sculpture designs that will give you what you need to add on to your face paint bookings.

Character caricatures

In this class you will learn some of the most popular new requested characters. Every design taught in this class will be very usable and will be great additions to your balloon menu.  


Split cake 101

Kat will demo creating and using sponge/brush split cakes to increase your speed, without compromising quality. Designs will be demonstrated, along with advice on which paints to use and which to NOT use.  

"Using tools is not cheating!"

Kat will demonstrate using stencils, daubers and stamps for basic shapes/designs, as they’re evolved into the final look. We will focus on creating designs at speed unachievable without these tools. Focus will also be placed on basic application, so attendees can modify tools to their specific needs.  

Airbrush 101  

Airbrush basics and stencil use will be covered. Water-based make-up will be used for this class. Single layer stencils will be used and hands-on will be made available. There will be discussion on use, application and products. NOTE: I respectfully request that all questions regarding non-body art application be asked during jam time sessions. I will be available the entire week.  


Candy Cannibals

In this multi media hands on class you will learn how to create quick and easy out of the kit characters for sweet profits at summer and fall zombie walks and in working with horror events. This class will show you how to use available special effects products effectively. Learn cool free hand airbrush tricks and techniques, and how to apply an airbrush look without an airbrush. Lean to apply facial 3D transfers to take your character looks to a new level. These tasty character tricks are sure to help you make sweet profits and stand out at events.

Rainbow Road Carnevil Tricks

It all about rainbows, oh and blood. This class is fun special effects products and techniques with rainbows in mind. Create creepy clowns and carnevil characters are perfect for steampunk, zombie walks and cosplay. This hands on class will teach you to blend prosthetic edges like a pro. We'll create zipper faces and open wounds with rainbows. And we talk about blood and what's what with that sticky evil syrup. Different Bloods are used in different effects, learn what you need to know to become a solid FX pro.

Queen Frostine Delicious Upscale Metallic Eye Designs

Light and delicate eye designs are always an upscale favorite for Holiday, New Year's and Valentine's events and a must for sophisticated body painting events. Create a complete new look or enhance a smokey eye, using cool metallic powders and pressed metallic cream powders. Learn to make and apply eyelashes quickly for varied eye effects for head turning and profitable results. And to round out those body painting events. Sweet Loretta will show you with airbrush and classic brush how to do brows and lips to compete a models look.  


Spray Tanning

Need to have an additional income source during the winter months? Something where you already own almost everything you need to succeed? With the skill of spray tanning, you can either travel to your clients, work with an area salon or out of your own home! Most of your clients will come to you during the week to prepare themselves for a special weekend. I’ll teach you all you need to know and even how to make even more money with the upsell of additional products.

How to make a zombie horde on a budget

This class is a mixture of various applications of makeup along with the practical knowledge of planning out a zombie hoard to fit your client’s budget.

ShowOffs Stencil Eyes and Profiles

StencilEyes and Profiles are face paint airbrush stencils designed and created by Donna Nowak of ShowOffs Body Art. They are simple and easy to use with a little patience and practice. There are endless designs and possibilities to create hundreds of faces in a quick and professional manner. They work great for large parties with hundreds of kids. Learn how Glitter to Gore and other businesses have increased their business by 60% by adding these stencils to their list of services. Use StencilEyes to create 1/4, ½ and full faces with simple stencil manipulation. Continue to practice and easily be able to do 30-40 full faces in an hour!  


Learn 3D Painting - JAM CLASS

In the class 3D Designs Lea Holman will teach you how to bring your work to life. You will learn the art of traditional and color shading as well as complex composition. With these skills at hand you are sure to take your designs to the next level.  


Is Bigger really Better?—YES it is!

Life sized Balloon animals and people, or other giant balloon displays are always an incredible attention grabber. But many Balloon Twisters feel that attempting one of these massive multi-balloon creations are beyond them…..Doc is here to show you that it is not beyond you or any balloon twister. Learn how to successfully build these amazing sculptures with some basic preparations. This is a combination Hands on / lecture class. Doc will take a concept from beginning to finish sharing with you some of his formulas and theories of how to achieve your large Balloon art vision.  

Hands on Balloon installation

Starting in the designated classroom with some fun hands on instruction then moving out onto the floor with real life installation action! This class is focused to give you a taste of what a real installation job would be like while adding to the existing Candy Land theme event décor!  

Moving forward with your balloon skills

No matter what your level of ballooning, Doc will share insights and show you different twists, techniques and concepts that will inspire you to improve upon your current skill level in this hands on class.  


Princess Eye Designs

In this class Ashley will teach you a fun and creative new (technique/method) for painting the most requested “princess” designs. You'll try something new with these fun and highly recognizable characters that will surely leave your little customers feeling that special princess excitement!

Eye catching, eye amazing designs

Do you want to take your Face Painting to the next level? Don't miss this class--Ashley's giving away her most prized secrets!--you'll learn how to alter some of the most requested designs into Eye-Mazing ones! These creative fun designs will sure gain you a few “winks” from the guests/crowds.

The Break Down

Sometimes the hardest part of face painting is how to create a good design/ don’t fret! In this class Ashley will teach you how to deconstruct design by breaking down the key elements, piece by piece--then, putting them back together in a cohesive over the eye design. Ashley will help lead you through the process with ease so you're confident and well on your way to creating new captivating masterpieces to call your own.  


So you want to make more money in this business

General business including how to get those restaurant jobs, how to add other services to your repertoire, and how to raise your pricing, etc. without hurting your business.

On becoming Mrs. Claus

This class will teach you how to add Mrs. Claus to your repertoire in Nov. and Dec. or all year long if you wish. How to incorporate face painting and balloons into your Mrs. Claus performance.  


Business Branding, Social Media & Free Marketing Tools

Learn the importance of creating a brand that will help you soar ahead of your competition. Impress your customers with a solid business image that will keep them coming back for more. Learn how to implement social media strategies that are effective and free.

Securing Your Business Through Customer Relationships

In this class you will learn about the importance of customer relationships. How to establish emotional connection. How to score large corporate events that repeat every year. What are the specific strategic steps that will help you maintain your existing customers.  


The Holidays in One-Stroke

This will be a very hands-on one-stroke class. I'll be helping you learn the elements and then demonstrating as many holiday designs as I can and helping you put them all together for those busy corporate gigs this season. The Fall and Winter Holidays are a great time to reach out to your corporate and business clients for company and free to public events. Get ready for the lines with quick holiday designs using one-stroke technique to avoid outlining but still wow the crowd. This fast paced demo/hands on class should give you over 10 elements and designs to add to your holiday collection.

Dare to Décolletage (intermediate to advanced)

Somewhere between body painting and face painting is a beautiful area of the woman's body called the décolletage that includes the bustline, shoulders and neck. It's the last area to age and a very sexy and sensual place to be painted. Expand your portfolio and dip your toe into body painting without pasties and make women beautiful. We'll be using one-stroke techniques, florals, flowing line work and stenciling. Bring a small kit and rainbow cakes, favorite one-strokes, #4 round, 1", 5/8" (or 3/4") & 1/2" angled brushes, glitter gel, gems and an absorbent black towel (not from the hotel!)   ASHLEY PICKIN

Flower power!

Learn all of Ashley's favorite techniques for using flowers in designs in just 3 minutes or less!

Boys and Toys

Learn some of Ashley's go to quick boy designs for those busy gigs, with many of the designs also being popular for girls.