Festival face painting

Sure you’ve seen Dutch’s polished projects, but what does he crank out at the county fair? Make it fast but make it good! That’s what this class is all about. Learn popular crowd pleasing designs that are executable in minutes but look like they took way longer!


Black attack/Blobology – basic

Back by popular demand! a combo class of dutches 2 signature styles!


Zombies Zombies Zombies.

The title really says it all. From dusty old cryptic ground breakers, to the freshly turned psychotic rage zombies, we’ll cover many styles with tips and tricks to produce all types!


Metal Mayhem

Iron & Crome, rivets & rust, one of Dutch’s favorite thematic concepts to paint. Learn armor, robotics, gears, biomechanical, and more. This class is full of techniques to creating fantastic metal illusions on skin!



Get hooked on cheek art the easy way. Ever have a parent say to Johnny, ” No Johnny, not a full face”.  Then instead of saying” I’m sorry, but I only do full faces”, try my simple cheek designs and make the parent happy. These are simple, simple, simple powerful one and two minute designs.



Get the inside scoop on painting with different brushes for different effects and to your advantage for cheek, half face, and full face designs.



Don’t suffer the “how to’s” in growing your business by contracting other artists.This instructor owns an agency since 1994, has over 300 artists on her roster, and has written a book on the ” how to” in starting an agency. Ask your questions here for a head start.



This is a fun, but a totally learning experience for anyone who has questions but are afraid to ask. Ask any question about our business of painting on faces and bodies. Try to stump the instructor.

Ask and you shall receive:  an answer.


SWOOPS :   Glitter,  Mica,  Powders without stencils

Swipe, Swish, swoop on the glue, free-hand, and create tribals, flowers, butterflies, snakes and birds with a snap of the wrist. Make more money on swoops- save on stencils. Swoops tend to be bigger than using stencils so more money goes in your pocket. Bring your glitters, mica, and powders and adhesives.



One Stroke Beginner Basics I:

Are you curious or a bit intimidated by split cakes? Don’t be! This class is for you! In this class, we will cover basics such as supplies you will need in order to paint with split cakes, brush loading techniques using the smaller 30g cakes and some of the basic strokes which will enable you to create super fast and impressive designs in no time. Learn how to keep your cake from becoming ‘muddy’ and how to get the most vivid color load out of your favorite split cakes. Learn which cakes are the top five ‘must have’ cakes for all your events.

One Stroke Beginner Basics II:

This class will focus on specific quick designs utilizing some of the strokes learned in the Basics I class. Learn multiple uses and designs for each of the top five ‘must have’ cakes. Learn how simple brush and color techniques such as ‘flipping’ and ‘stacking’ can add dramatic eye appeal and excitement to your designs that will delight and amaze your clients. In this class we will also have a brief introduction on sponging with the larger 50g split cakes.

One Stroke Wonders–Intermediate/Advanced

This class is geared toward those who have worked with split cakes and are already familiar with them as well as those who have taken both the One Stroke Basics classes. In this class, we will learn how to utilize both sponging and brush techniques using split cakes of both sizes to create vibrant color combinations in finished designs sure to please and impress both boys and girls alike.