Post Classes

ALL POST CLASSES will be held on Friday, November 17, 2017.    


NATIVE AMERICAN BODY PAINT   6 Hours $125  (8am – 3pm, will break for lunch)
Create one of the most beautiful bodypaints EVER!!
I will bring several war bonnets to compliment your painting for the best photos imaginable.
Fro.  Beginner to advanced,  I will help you design and create and your piece.  Bring your own model or models available.(TO BRING: Basic kit, Body brushes, Accessories (eyelashes,  earrings,  etc.), Camera, Ideas, Wine.)
Each student receives a (New) Long Mark Reid Signature Chisel brush and surprise raffle during class! P.S. DONT FORGET THE WINE!
I’ll order Pizza!


INTENSIVE IMMERSIVE HENNA CLASS (aka. BOOT CAMP) ! 6 Hours $125  (8am – 3pm, will break for lunch) 

MORE of EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to know! (or as much as we can cram into a VERY FULL 7 hours) You’ve taken a glimpse into the fantastic world of mehndi with the previous classes and now you can take the plunge. Taking your henna skills and knowledge to the next level to move you on your way to becoming the henna guru of your neck of the woods! ‘Wow’ your clients with your in-depth knowledge of the art form! Learn more designs, some shading techniques, introduction to bridal henna, more culture, more in-depth business tips! Get a design from the teacher and some one-on-one help on your technique! Modern contemporary henna for ‘tat stylz’ like roses, Goth and skull building! Note/sketchbooks are a must and pre-made or made yourself henna would serve you well! Bring your enthusiasm and prepare for your new addiction! Not big on taking notes? Hard copy notes with the recipe, design elements, and weblinks can be purchased for $10 to take home!

Morning –Henna basics
Without a good mix and understanding your product, it would be a very tough road to henna fun! Mixing, dye release, history and some basic designs and practice

Afternoon – Pattern building
From boy designs to seeing some basic bridal and how to thrill those tweens, teens and moms who want the face painting henna lady to come back!!!

Class size is limited so book with registration early!



Show Me The Money – How To Make Money At Fairs and Festivals  6 hours $125.00 (8am -3pm)

To make $2000 in a day at a fair or festival is not unusual, depending on key factors. Dawn will teach you how to weigh opportunities against the risks and help you make decisions for the spring and summer seasons. Her workshop will include her hard and fast formula that can be applied to any public fair/festival (pay-per-face), so you too can make a ton of money…or know when to walk away. (Worksheets provided.) Business Basics: book keeping and taxes, estimating revenues, paying artists. Contracting with the Fair: exclusivity, location and relationships. Booth Architecture: materials, structure, flow & stability (Not everyone has a CAMPER & CUSTOM TRAILER, but Dawn has done fairs without them also…) Health & Wellness concerns * Popular Faces for Fairs & Festivals: why they work & how to make them your own. Includes a Personal Work Session–worth the class fee by itself!!! 1) Researhing the possibilities: “hands on” work to identify fairs and festivals and then WORK THE FORMULA above.   2) Plan of Ction: together we will create a “to do” list to reach out to the fair organizer and clarify your PITCH, PRICING & PROMOTION! How to use social media to drive additional business to your booth, and make the fair organizer love you!!!



GOING TO THE ZOO  (1pm – 5pm) $75.00

LIONS and TIGERS and panda BEARS, OH MY!Come take a trip to the zoo with me to learn how to paint some of your favorite animals! Afraid of the King of the Jungle? No More! I will show you how to paint the lion with ease!  Please bring a small kit, practice board or head, and your love for animals as we take a trip to the zoo together! I will have copies of my zoo book for sale as well.