Deborah Gary

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Deborah Gary was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago.  As a single mom of two amazing boys, in financial despair, she began face painting to barter as gifts for the many birthday parties her boys were invited to.  It, in turn, also helped out moms who couldn’t afford entertainment for parties and most important made the children happy.

Soon Deb got a nice office job and there wasn’t that big of a financial need to put in the extra work to paint.  However, it had become a stress reliever that was once a burden now turned into passion being fulfilled and a blessing to others.

How many know that God will take bad & produce it for the good for His glory?!  He will take a piece of coal inside of you, apply pressure over time and produce a diamond.

So, she continues to paint and grow & shine and now has many clients, including celebrity’s kids and an awesome staff  She has also been happy to testify at women’s shelters of overcoming, teen enrichment programs with her vision board and minister to children’s and others.  Contact her and she will do it for you.

(929) FACEPNT (322-3768)