Pre Classes

ALL PRE CLASSES will be held on Sunday, November 13, 2016

8 am-12 pm & 1 pm-5 pm



Everything you need to know to get the most out of this convention. Lines, teardrops, swirls, tiger lines and symmetry. Also blending and creativity exercises and a few basic designs This is the best class for beginners and anyone wanting to enhance their craft. Bring your kits and camera people! 1 FREE #4 MARK REID BRUSH WITH ALL SIGN UPS


From Dragons to Lions and Superheroes! Cheekart and Masks..... Let's party with the Boys!!! Bring your kits and cameras! 1 FREE #4 MARK REID BRUSH WITH ALL SIGN UPS  



Gem or bling clusters are all the rage! They add value to your face painting, will definitely impress, bring you repeat business and put extra money in your pocket! Who doesn’t want that?! Don’t know how to get started? In this class you will learn what tools are needed and where to purchase them, using Silicone vs 3D fabric paint, how to use stickers, design and storage. Design boards will be provided. This is a fun hands on class! There are endless design possibilities. Take this journey with me and let your creativity flow!  See you there!  NOTE:  There is a $15 supply fee due to the teacher at the beginning of the class.  You will walk away with all the skills necessary to make your own great bling clusters PLUS a sheet of at least a dozen clusters of your very own design!!!  


PRE CLASS 8 am - 12 pm PART 1 and PRE CLASS 1 pm - 5 pm PART 2 ($75 each class)


We invite you to come play and learn with us as we share our most valuable tips and tricks to keeping your busy lines moving no matter what the weather is! Using a variety of Margi and Léa's favorite stencils, powders, glitters and paints they will help you to create quick simple faces for both boys and girls. Together they will take turns sharing and creating using the best products and techniques as well as point by point stencil demonstrations to help you understand how each product work with one another. Get double the information in this high energy class with two of your favorite ladies! It is sure to take your painting skills to new levels 🙂 14556697_10154628087642389_8734427300273994344_o  



PRE CLASS 8 am - 12 pm PART 1 and PRE CLASS 1 pm - 5 pm PART 2  ($75 each class)

MORE of EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to know! (or as much as we can cram into a VERY FULL 7 hours) You’ve taken a glimpse into the fantastic world of mehndi with the previous classes and now you can take the plunge. Taking your henna skills and knowledge to the next level to move you on your way to becoming the henna guru of your neck of the woods! ‘Wow’ your clients with your in depth knowledge of the art form! Learn more designs, some shading techniques, introduction to bridal henna, more culture, more in depth business tips! Get a design from the teacher and some one-on –one help on your technique! Modern contemporary henna for ‘tat stylz’ like roses, Goth and skull building! Note/sketch books are a must and pre-made or made yourself henna would serve you well! Bring your enthusiasm and prepare for your new addiction! Not big on taking notes? Hard copy notes with recipe, design elements and weblinks can be purchased for $10 to take home! Morning –Henna basics Without a good mix and understanding your product, it would be a very tough road to henna fun!  Mixing, dye release, history and some basic designs and practice Afternoon – Pattern building From boy designs to seeing some basic bridal and how to thrill those tweens, teens and moms who want the face painting henna lady to come back!!! Class size is limited so book with registration early!  


Lifecasting 101  PRE CLASS  PRE CLASS 1 pm - 5 pm

Learn the beautiful art form of life casting, which can then be used for multiple disciplines and a wide variety of clients. Ever want to do a belly cast? Make custom prosthetics? Memories for family that will last a lifetime? This is where you start! There’s a million online videos and tutorials, but they can’t teach you how the materials feel in your hand or the delicate touch to get it right on your first try. It usually takes hundreds of dollars and several disasters to get it right. Believe me, I know! I’ll make sure you get it right on the first try! Once you have this skill, you will have a whole new income stream that will blow your mind! Everyone will make at least one face cast to take home. This is a hands on, down and dirty session. Wear clothes that can be ruined. And be prepared to take a shower afterwards! NOTE: There will be a $35 supply fee due to the instructor at the beginning of class. 20160629_20013420160712_17555220160728_211016


Eye Candy!  (PRE CLASS 8 am - 12 pm)

This class focuses on how to create both subtle and bold eye designs which will bring out the sparkle of your unique client! We will explore how you can give them a personalized, perfect face painting based on their cues! I will show you how to use layering with an eyeshadow palette alongside of your paints to create a beautiful look.   We will discover the way to paint a design which compliments each face shape. You will even feel fabulous wearing it! You will discover my favorite secrets when painting eye designs of fur, feather, and fin. You will learn how to creatively upsell the eye art with minimal extra time, as if it were a full face of makeup.   There will be handouts in class, and room to take notes! As a gift, each student will receive a signed and numbered body painting print from my Florida Wildlife Series.

Carousel Animal Arm Art  PRE CLASS 1 pm - 5 pm

You will learn body painting placement, color theory, and discover how to easily render shiny, candy colored animals as we create a vibrant and romantic carousel together. We will embellish the arm design with art nouveau style flourishes in gold leaf (provided) and jewels! Our special arm paintings will remind us of our childlike passion for art, while drawing out the master designer within.   Bridled Animals covered in class will be: the Peacock, Tiger, Pony, Dragon, and Swan. As a gift, each student will receive a signed and numbered body painting print from my Florida Wildlife Series.