Lea Holman

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13082131_10209670031091331_1646498497_nHello, my name is Lea Holman. I am so excited to take part in FPBA’s 2016 convention in November. I love painting in a 3D Realism style. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning from you as well as share some of my own painting knowledge. I got my start painting on canvas in 2004. I then went on to attend Milwaukee Institute of Art and design (MIAD) graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on painting and sculpture. It was at MIAD that I really started developing as a Realism painter. I wasn’t until 2013 that I found face painting when my mother suggested I do something to entertain the kids at a local animal expo. When I started researching what medium of paint would be best to use safely use on skin I saw the work of so many talented artist and know this was definitely something I needed to pursue. Much of my inspiration comes from real life experiences. Inspiration in my art comes from my family, traveling, and life experiences. What I love most about face painting is working with the face and body so they complement each other. Class Description:  In 3D Designs, Lea Holman will teach you how to bring your work to life. You will learn the art of traditional and color shading as well as composition. With these skills at hand you are sure to take your designs to the next level. 13084069_10209670032731372_41305152_n 13084155_10209670034851425_1735980415_n 13090380_10209670031651345_499492995_n 13101561_10209670032171358_1880381262_n