Rebecca Lyyski

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I am Rebecca and I am a self-motivated graphic designer, photographer and entrepreneur.  With a natural talent for anything creative and over 20 years of industry experience I feel as though I am just hitting my stride and really making a name for myself.  Based out of the Midwest, I find  that as the demand for talented individuals grows so does my enthusiasm. I have worked with big business, as well as independent professionals and it has given me the experience and knowledge that I need to succeed with any venture.
Photography and body art have become two of my passions! I find that the human body is a way to bring my art to life and give it an added dimension that you just cannot achieve with a static canvas. Every piece that I have created was just a crazy thought that passed through my mind or a situation/emotion that my models (or myself) were going through at the time.  There is no telling what projects or opportunities lay ahead of my but I invite all of my fans to come along for the journey… it is bound to be one hell of a ride!

Rebecca Lyyski

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