Post Classes

ALL POST CLASSES will be held on Friday, November 22, 2019.    


BODY PAINTING/NATIVE AMERICAN ART   8am – 12pm & 1pm – 5pm  $150

It has become so popular and people have enjoyed this class so much that I’m going to teach it again! Get your headdresses on and let’s make some beautiful art!!
Each student recieves a Mark Reid Signature Body Brush!! (A $20 value!!)
Models should be available and you can bring your own headdress or I will bring you one to borow or buy!
To bring:
Your kit


Tips and Tricks and So Much More   8am – 12pm  $75.00

join me for a post class where I will show you how to use the stencils, sponges placement, layering, linework ,composition, one stroke ,basic fundamental techniques, work with glitters and more.  My goal is to share a lot of tips and techniques to help you improve your Own style �� save your spot….simply go to the website and Sign in for my class to everyone attending to the pre class is going to receive a Goodybag . I cant wait to see you in November


Sexy Eye Designs, 3 hours  9am – 12pm  $65

Everybody loves eye designs! Fun for little ones, cool for teenagers and sexy for woman! Learn how to make the most sexy eye designs with the perfect placement of the face and focal point! Color combinations and different blend and brush techniques!

Pretty Scary Faces, 3 hours   1pm – 4pm   $65

Perfect for the teenage girls and woman who love makeup but still wants something scary too! Pretty scary; half skulls, sugar skulls and other beautiful bad girls….  Play with face paint, makeup and gems!


Realistic painting, dragon designs and more  9am – 1pm   $75

Description: In this class you will learn, how to create an elaborate design, how to transfer your ideas on skin and get proportions right.
You will learn, how to place highlights and shadows, create a 3D and realistic look and bring your ability to paint to a new level, which will benefit your OTJ designs as well.

We will paint a realistic looking dragon and other things.