Pre-Day Workshops: November 17th, 1pm to 7pm
Post-Day Workshops: November 22nd, 9am to 3pm

PRE Day Workshops

All pre-and post workshops are $125

Monique Lily
Mehron SFX / Zombie class (FULL DAY)

We all see the you tube video’s how to create to most awesome gore! But how do all the products work and how do you use it. In this SFX class you will learn all you need to know about the Mehron SFX products. What they are, how they work and what you can do with it. You will get tips and tricks about the use of side products. 

In the morning we will go though all the products and practice with them after the lunch you’ll need a model to create a zombie. You need to bring old clothing to make it more real. 

Of course we will take pics so you will have one for your portfolio or just for fun! 


Prima Barton
Creative Glam Face and Body Art 

This class focuses in learning PRIMA’s techniques in coming up with unique designs that shows your imaginative creations and are executed with Glam for photo perfect shots.

  • Breaking down “direct to the point essential techniques” that you can apply to your art: (taking notes are strongly suggested so you won’t forget)

*** This will be demonstrated while tackling techniques. ***

  • Facial and body mapping, Symmetry or asymmetry (*proper positioning) IMPORTANT!
  • Colour choices, realism or colour explosion
  • Essential brush strokes from line work to detailing (One stroke Optional)
  • Fast phase Blending, layering and shadows
  • Glamour finishing
  • Turning ideas or inspirations to plan, then paint it on the face & body.
  • Paint the plan! = This will test your creativity in creating your own design using what you learned from me. Then “together” we will improve it, ready to be showcased!

What to Bring:

*Small Make-up kit – Primer, Liquid Foundation, Make-up brushes, Black & brown Eye-liner, Glue stick, Fake lash and Contacts (optional) eye shadows (optional).

*Face and Body Painting Brushes including Kabuki
*Liquid Blings & Glitters (optional)
*Mehron Starblends
*Mehron ParadiseAQ Paints or equivalent
*Female Model or paint yourself (model must not be an artist)
***Each student will receive a signature Prima Barton Creative Brush and other goodies.



Marianne Bartley
Where Do I Begin…and How Do I?
Do you want to feel like you are capable and able to be a better artist and business person?  Whether you are buying your first set of paints, are feeling like you aren’t “getting it,” don’t know how to “fix” your designs, don’t have your linework down, or are confused about split cakes and brushes and all the things everyone else seems to know about…there will be things in this class to put your mind at ease.
We will practice fundamentals of choosing colors and placement on the face or body, learn a variety techniques in brushwork, explore problem areas and how to overcome them, and discuss what might be holding you back.  Learn ways to get into the “zone” and connect with your painting.

From how to begin finding bookings and taming your inner butterflies to beginning to evolve as an artist, there will be something to help you here.  This class is about building confidence, finding your style, overcoming obstacles, and HAVING FUN doing it.  Prepare to look at what you do in a whole new way and alleviate some of the stress of skill building.  Our goal is to make you a more confident, competent, and knowledgeable painter who won’t cringe when someone asks if you are an artist…..


Shannon Holt
Intro to Body Painting and Arts Entertainment

This is my most requested class.  We cover fundamentals of body painting which I had to learn through a sticky trial and error.  There is certain information which not all body painters are open to share, related to where to find gigs, and how much to charge.  We should move past the fear that the market will be too saturated.  There is plenty of work for everyone to add this stream of income to their business!  The more popular body painting becomes the more requests for it there will be, because there are few arts as striking and dramatic as body painting.  This class contains all the helpful information which I wish I knew on day one.   I love bridging my fine art with my bodypainting, and this class will teach you how to create a beautiful piece which will get you hooked and booked again and again.  Leaving this class, you will know how to build a strong composition considering subject matter and different model’s body shapes and skin tones.  I will teach you how to build a double model mural.   Learn how exciting and adventuresome festival style can be, and know what competition judges are looking for in their critique.  You will get my personal packet of model and photo releases, model check list, my Entertainment Agreement, verbiage  and email format for hooking clients, and you will have the language to use when getting comfortable with and directing a new model.  If you want to try body painting for the first time, or for the hundredth time, there are invaluable things I am happy to share with you!  After taking this class, you will have the confidence and know how to make a knock out body painting no matter the situation or time crunch!  Come and paint along and have fun with me!  


Corey Morgan
In this Hands-On workshop, Corey Morgan will go over not just the most popular superhero designs that are currently being requested, but more importantly, the techniques you need in order to paint them.  Corey will help you take your Superhero painting game to the next level with personal training on; easy and fast designs; shading and highlighting effects that will set your designs apart; using stencils with paints and powders; Different and innovative variations of the same old designs that make the new again; And MUCH more.  With Corey’s Superhero Boot Camp Workshop, he’ll show you that the most powerful Superhero around, is the one holding the paint brush!


Mark Reid

One of the greatest illusions in body art today! Learn how to make the PERFECT Jeans!! NO KIDDING!!
Time allows, we’ll throw in a top. Corsett or whatever!!

Each Student receives a Mark Reid Signature Chisel Brush with Raffles throughout the class!!

NEEDED: Paradise Dark Blue, White, and/ or Black, Light Brown.
                 Body Brush and other brushes. Camera, Model and Heels/Accessories, Wine. 
                 I have all Belts etc. for the jeans. 
Weather permitting, we will do a photoshoot near the Arch!!




Mark Reid

A wide range of classes all in one for all levels of Painters!!

BOYS      Festival/Scary

GIRLS     Super Hero/Girly

MASKS   Oh the Beauty of Masks!!

SUGAR SKULLS    Easy to Elegant!

Every Student receives a Mark Reid Signature Brush and a Paradise Sponge with Raffles throughout the class.

Bring a basic Kit, your camera, a Red Bull and a happy face!! I have some extra practice boards if you need one!

Monique Lily
Body art class – Find your abstract flow (Model needed)

Body painting – Find your abstract flow 

Abstract, open spaces and making use of the flow and beautiful curves of the body is what i love about bodypainting. This is what we are doing in this class looking at the flow of your model’s body and create!

This class is perfect for all levels.. also beginners! We will start the day with some explaining how to… get inspired, get started.. placement of the body and hands-on blending techniques then.. we will go and  create on the body! 

 You will be learning about placement of the body, highlight and shading. Easy and smooth blending with the body brush, colour combination and contrasting colours.


Kim Brennan
 MORE of EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to know! (or as much as we can cram into a VERY FULL dau) You’ve taken a glimpse into the fantastic world of mehndi with the previous classes and now you can take the plunge. Taking your henna skills and knowledge to the next level to move you on your way to becoming the henna guru of your neck of the woods! ‘Wow’ your clients with your in depth knowledge of the art form! Learn more designs, some shading techniques, introduction to bridal henna, more culture, more in depth business tips! Get a design from the teacher and some one-on –one help on your technique! Modern contemporary henna for ‘tat stylz’ like roses, Goth and skull building! Note/sketch books are a must and pre-made or made yourself henna would serve you well! Bring your enthusiasm and prepare for your new addiction!  Not big on taking notes?  Hard copy notes with recipe, design elements and weblinks can be purchased for $10 to take home!
Morning –Henna basics
Without a good mix and understanding  your product, it would be a very tough road to henna fun!  Mixing, dye release, history and some basic designs and practice

Afternoon – Pattern building 
From boy designs to seeing some basic bridal and how to thrill those tweens, teens and moms who want the face painting henna lady to come back!!! This is also a time to ask “I really need to learn….” And let’s tackle it!

Class size is limited so book with registration early!


Holly Nicole George

Ready to add balloon twisting to your resume and start getting paid to offer this popular and highly requested service to your customers?  This is the workshop for you!

In this workshop we are going to equip you with everything you need to start getting paid double for the events you’re already working by offering balloon twisting services!

In the first half of this workshop you’ll master all the balloon designs you need to know to work your first balloon event, even if you’re a brand new beginner with balloons!

The second part of this workshop will focus on making sure you’re prepared to start working balloon events with insider tips and know-how.  

– You’ll get set up with a professional menu you can start using at your events immediately that will include the designs you learn in the first part of class.

– We’ll discuss gear, supplies and equipment and what works best for different types of events and budgets.

– You’ll learn exactly what to expect when you start working as a balloon artist so you can begin working confidently knowing you’re prepared to handle any situation

– Get the systems and processes that the pro’s use to manage lines, WOW customers (even with simple designs) and leave clients raving about your work.

– You’ll also be given templates that you can customize to let your fans and customers know about your new balloon twisting addition to your business!

This workshop will be hands-on!  Come prepared to get your hands on some balloons. I would recommend picking up a hand pump from the FPBA vendor room and a mixed bag of 260 size balloons. Any other balloons needed will be provided in class.

For the business portion of the class, be prepared to take notes but lecture notes will also be provided to you so you can focus on listening and engaging with the information you’ll be getting.


Creepy Faces are fun all year round! This hands-on workshop will cover everything from the cute to the gruesome and everything in between. This class is super fun and super informative!

Designs we will cover in class…
Cracked Doll Face, Bloody Bones Skull, Creepy Clown, Ghoul Face, Ghost, Jack-O-Lantern, Witch, Bat Mask, Spiders, Snakes, Web Mask, and several bonus gore FX designs (Bruises, Scrapes, Scratches, Virus FX, blood poisoning, stitches, bites, and blood splatter techniques)

BONUS: Everyone that signs up and attends the class will get a free copy of my 4 face paint eBooks: Zombies, Pirate, Spiders 2.0 and Snakes ($40 value)

BONUS 2: We will also be sharing ghost stories in class!

Your Face Paint Kit
Fake Blood, Fake Coagulated Blood, Bruise Wheel
Practice Mat or Practice Head
Camera, Pen & Paper

All pre-and post workshops are $125