Mission Statement

“Invest in your future”

Purpose of the Face Painting and Body Art Convention is:

  • foster creativity through education
  • provide an opportunity for artists to connect with and learn from one another in a family friendly environment.
  • reach out to others and encourage them to understand that their artistic abilities are blessings that can transform not only faces, but hearts as well
  • inspire individuals to “Invest In Your Future” by assisting them to build businesses that will enrich their lives and allow them to follow their dreams
  • offer a time and place for fellowship and sharing that promotes positive attitudes and actions

Dear Friends,

I have discovered that there are quite a few people who are new to face painting and who want to come to a convention but just aren’t sure what to expect. In this economy you may feel that we don’t have the funds to attend a convention, but now is the time you can not afford to not attend.  What you learn at this convention will take your skills to new levels an offer you job opportunities that would not exist without having new updated styles and techniques (not to mention some new products you will find in our vendor room).  This is the most important time to “Invest In Your Future.”  Our FAQ page will answer many of your questions, but right now let me tell you about our convention in a more personal format.

If you are a new painter, a wanna be painter, or a seasoned painter who has never been to a convention, I want you to know this….our convention is a fabulous gathering of wonderful artists who want to welcome you with open arms and share their talents with you. Take a step out in faith and make the decision to give yourself the opportunity to be a part of this great gathering. I promise you it will be an experience of a lifetime that you won’t regret.

Our classes will include topics ranging from face and body painting, airbrushing, henna, glitter and mica tattoos, balloon sculpting, balloon decor and business classes. All classes are designed to help you improve your skills and add new ones while you build your business to new levels.

Let me take a moment and explain about our pre classes that are being held on Sunday,  March 11. These are special classes that are taught by some of the best instructors in the world.  They are designed with a very low teacher to student ratio so you can receive a lot of individual attention. One pre class comes with your regular convention registration.   You can register for additional pre classes by scrolling down on the registration page and signing up for the instructor of your choice.  NOTE: these classes are 4 hours.

On Sunday evening, March 11, we will start by having an icebreaker followed by a ‘jam session’ and the grand opening of our fabulous vendor room. A ‘jam session’ is a fun time filled with raffle prizes and an opportunity for everyone to set up their kits and just start painting.  Instructors will be on hand to give help and the vendors will be highlighting their newest and best products available to make your life easier.  After a few hours we let the vendors close down, but the jams can continue all night long as we have the room the whole night.

On Monday & Tuesday  we will follow the same schedules for the day.  At 9:00 am,  after a short general session to give updates, we will head off for our first 2 class periods followed by lunch and 2 more class periods. During these class periods you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite class from a list of 5 choices. You will not need to register for these classes, they are open for everyone and are on a first come first serve basis. After dinner we will have another jam session and planned outings for those who would like to explore the area a little.

On Wednesday after lunch we will have our “Paint with the Masters” body painting challenge.  This is where we will draw names of attendees to paint on teams with an instructor for our our body painting “challenge”.  Judging will follow and then our banquet will start at 7:00 pm with an awards session after we have finished eating. The banquet will be a “Creative Chaos” theme and you can come dressed and painted and ready to party. You can also feel comfortable if it is more your style to ‘come as you are’ and simply enjoy the festivities.

I hope this information can give you a sense of what to expect at our convention and can ease any fears you may have. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time learning, networking and having fun. Trust me, it is an experience of a lifetime that you will not soon forget. Check the website for our “Convention Planning List” which will help you decide what to bring with you and make your adventure even easier to plan.

Karen Owens