Pre Classes


ALL PRE CLASSES will be held on

Sunday, November 11, 2018.



Fast facesfor all events and then POW!! Turn them into an elegant /powerful design! 
Each student recieves a #2L Mark Reid Signature Brush and a Mark Reid Glittermark! 

LET’S GET CREATIVE! 1pm – 5 pm   $75 

Tired of doing the same old designs over and over?  Let’s change them up!! Learn how to change your old designs into new exciting works of art! There are no limits to your creativity! 
Each student will receive a #4 Mark Reid Signature Brush and a Mark Reid Glittermark. 


Be A Better Face Painter (full-day Sunday)  8am – 12 pm and 1pm – 5 pm  $150

Do you want to know why your butterflies look smashed, why your dolphins look like whales, why your tigers are tired and your unicorns look like beagles?

For years I’ve been helping painters figure out ways to improve their face painting online and they have wished that I could help them in person. Now is your chance to have an experienced instructor honestly critique your face painting and help you improve and go home a better painter. I will literally be holding your hand while we work on your line work, sponging and those design flaws that are making you crazy. 

This is not a class for those that can’t handle critique or don’t need improvement. I will be consulting with each student before convention on what they want to improve and come up with a plan for each one so class size is limited to 10 students. You will be sending me photos of your designs you need to work on and I will help you in class and this will also help the others taking the workshop.
I need your commitment to improve so this will be a full-day class pre-paid through Painted Party so we can communicate before the workshop. Please contact me at for more details about the workshop and payment information. 


From Pretty to Scary – All Day Intensive Workshop 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm   $150

Jocelyn will show you great tips and tricks to create colorful face painting designs that you can use at any festival or birthday party. From butterflies to zombies, Jocelyn will show you some quick designs for the guest who want a simple face painting, to more elaborate face painting designs that will transform a person into a new character.


Body painting – Create your abstract flow  All Day Intensive Workshop 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm $150












Abstract, open spaces and making use of the flow and beautiful curves of the body is what i love about bodypainting. This is what we are doing in this class looking at the flow of your model’s body and create!

You will be learning about placement of the body, highlight and shading. Easy and smooth blending with the body brush, color combination and contrasting colors and how to get started.. get inspired!



Full day – Pre- Class 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm   $150

Tattoo Pro™ – Freehand Airbrush Tattoo Stencil System

Join Léa for this workshop on how to use the Tattoo Pro™ – Freehand Airbrush Tattoo Stencil System to create both realistic black tattoos for adults AND colourful tattoos that children will love

This class is perfect for you if:

  • You are new to airbrush tattoos and want to start offering this service.
  • You are already doing airbrush tattoos and want to take your artwork to the next level
  • You are you a makeup artist who wants to offer dramatic makeover looks!

During this class, Léa will demonstrate and get you creating artwork with the Tattoo Pro™ stencil system even with only basic airbrush knowledge. You will be able to create detailed elaborate designs of any size to fit any body part in MINUTES! You will be amazed at how easy it is to piece together the design elements to create entire tattoo sleeves that will have your models asking if you also do “real tattoos” !!!

Techniques demonstrated in class include the most popular designs in black ink for adults as well as colourful designs that children love!

>Bring your airbrush, stencils and liquid airbrush makeup and paper to practice on
Stencils and makeup will be available for purchase!

>Links to more of Lea Selley Airbrush tattoo Artwork:

We have Equipment for you!

This classroom will be equipped with 8 airbrush stations if you DO NOT have equipment!!!  Truly is a blessing to be able to take this class especially if you are from out of town or just are curious about this artform!

BONUS – 2 hr video class!

Everyone who submits their deposit for class will have access to a 2 hour video class created and starring the creator of the Airbrush TattooPro stencils Wiser Oner himself!  This video will go over ALL the airbrush basics and is a REQUIREMENT to view before class!  This will help class move quickly so that we do not have to go over airbrush basics and can jump STRAIGHT into the artwork!

Simple provide your gmail or your email associated with your YouTube account and you will be added to the list to be able to view this class for FREE forever!



Lifecasting for Art and Prosthetics Making 101 – $25 supply fee  8am – 12pm  $75 (plus supply fee)

Learn how to cast faces professionally using Alginate, Plaster bandage and Ultracal/ hydrocal.

We will go over safety procedures, how to prepare your client, all the different materials and just plain old tips and tricks to make your first experience better than my first experience!

You will leave with a custom mold of your face to make prosthetics or give as a gift to someone special!!!

Lifecasting for Art and Prosthetics Making 102  –  1pm – 5pm   $75

Using a positive core mold for simple sculpting of your prosthetic with Monster Clay. Everyone will create their own sculpt and it can be molded in the post class! If you took the 101 class, we’ll use the casting that you made. If you didn’t, please let me know in advance if you have a face casting or I need to bring one along for you to use. I will bring all my sculpting materials, and everyone is free to use them.



Eye Kandy for Fancy Ladies with Skin Wars Shannon!  1pm – 5pm   $75

Unlocking your potential to entertain and impress adult clients at high end events! Love painting adults, but can’t get them into the spirit? Need a break from face paint life, and want a few more gigs which treat you like the VIP? This class is for you! Focus on how to create fun avant-garde looks by incorporating beauty makeup with fantasy eye designs with matching Décolletage for adults! Bring out the sparkle of your unique client and easily put more money in your wallet! We will explore how you can give them a personalized, perfect face makeup based on their cues. Learn how to use layering with a pigment palette alongside of your paints to create a beautiful upscale look. We will cover contouring with beauty makeup, and making your high end clients sparkle. Discover the way to paint a design which compliments each face shape. You will also feel fabulous wearing it! I will show you my favorite tricks when painting eye designs including my whip and chandelier technique… and how to use gold leaf. You will learn how to creatively upsell the eye art with minimal extra time, as if it were a full face of makeup. Impress your clients and book bigger paying gigs because you have product knowledge and understand key skills in beauty makeup… but also know how to speak to sell it! There will be awesome handouts in class, and room to take notes!




Beauty make-up to Fantasy make-up 

In this class we will learn the magic of Beauty makeup from everyday to Fantasy.
The first part of the class is great for people that want to learn how to look professional and confident by enhancing their own beauty and the beauty of their clients. 
In the second part of the class we will go over Fantasy makeup by mixing eyeshadows and face paint. Great skill to know for photoshoots, Private appointments and much more. Learn to be a makeup artist for the stars!
-Skin Care
-Brushes- How to use them and brush sanitation.
-What you should have in your makeup kit
-How to identity skin types and why it’s necessary to know it
-Foundations- Discuss the different formulas and how to choose the best color and formula for your client
-Concealer – Discuss the different formulas how to choose the best color and formula for your client in addition- learn how to use concealer for corrective purposes.
-Eyeshadow- Discuss the different formulas and how to use. Also how to turn a day look into an evening look
-Blush- Learn the different formulas and how to use it for different face shapes
-How to properly apply strip lashes
– How to transform someone into their own character!


Festival $$$ Money Making Class – 8am – 12pm    $75

After over 12 years of experience doing strictly Festival Face Painting; I derived a class that teaches the students my Complete System to be able to do festivals solely alone. The artists will never have to worry again about hiring extra painters, line managers or cashier/money takers. This system works tremendously well at festivals and the students are going to love this class due to the large amount of money they would make and also save by keeping their overhead down. This class will explain and teach everything from set up to tear down. From how to book festivals; what questions to ask festival directors and which festivals are the best to apply for. It also teaches organizational skills to be able to perform solely, from setting up your kit, to applying the techniques of my system of painting and controlling the line, to what designs to have on your board and what designs not to have, what designs sell the best and what are the most popular festival designs. This class also teaches how to incorporate face painting, henna and temporary tattoos all in one booth and be able to do all three solely and be highly and financially, rewarding and successful. Because of the teaching of the three genre’s of art, the students are going to make so much more money because it gives them more of a market of not only doing kids, but all and any age group from infants to the elderly. This is an awesome class and I know the students would love it because it is going to make them so much more $$$.