Laura Oliver

laura-130Hello, my name is Laura Oliver and I’m super excited to have been invited to participate FPBA’s 2014 Convention in St.Louis this November. Painting with split cakes of all shapes and sizes is my passion and I’m looking forward to sharing tips, tricks and design ideas with convention goers this year.

I have been face painting since March of 2010 and began holding workshops and teaching professionally nearly a year ago after three years in the painting profession. I really enjoy travelling and meeting many wonderful painters in different parts of the country.

People often ask me how I got my start in painting and I tell them it was when my church invited me to participate in a Spring festival event. I began looking around on-line to buy supplies and stumbled upon Mark Reid’s website. That was all it took. Seeing Mark’s work and all the vibrant colors he used just blew me away and I knew then that I wanted to pursue painting as a profession. I soon found my love of flowers began to translate into my designs and I am probably best known for my floral work. I am a former floral designer and also taught floral design as well as jewelry making, fabric painting and hand painted greeting card techniques. I studied fashion illustration in school and worked for an ad agency as a free-lance artist doing pen and ink illustrations for a time as well. I love variety in painting and while.

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