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Pat Newton Scholarship – Attend for FREE, save $325.00!
Folks, There is still time to get your entries in for the free registration scholarship in honor of Pat Newton.  Please take a moment and look over the requirements and SEND IN YOUR ENTRY!!!  Someone will win it, why not YOU?!?

The requirements are that the applicant:

Must be 18 years or older

Never attended the FPBA Convention before

Book a room at the convention hotel, the Crowne Plaza.

Send an e-mail to explaining why you feel you deserve to be awarded the scholarship.

Application deadline is July 31, 2013.

Scholarship winner will be chosen by a panel of three board members and will be notified on August 1, 2013.
Views from 2011 scholarship winners:

HI Karen, Hope you are doing well!  That was my first convention and I had a ball.  I took EVERY class opportunity and even came to all the early morning sessions. It was very interesting to experience the culture of face and body painting. I went there especially to get marketing ideas and it did give me some information of routes I could take . I met with Kerry and she was darling and sweet… I also took that one on one with Lea Selley all about WordPress afterwards and I came home and totally changed my website because of that…. sorta took me off the search engine line up, but I’ll regain that… I couldn’t do much more business than I am right now. I’m tired but very happy!  It’s going great!  I really enjoyed the experience and was amazed at the quality of teachers! Thanks again! Kim Millen

Dear Karen,

What a wonderful experience I had attending the Face Painting convention 2011!. I was able to build a stronger face painting arsenal of photos, equipment, skills and technique which I expected to do. What I did not expect to receive was the marketing expertise, and the balloon jamming sessions, and the wonderful new contacts.

What a whirl wind of wonderful options for professional growth.

So grateful for this opportunity. In addition to more creative designs, I now have had the confidence to host to face painting workshops; One for children and one for adults with more to follow.

Thanks to you and and an amazing crew for a phenomenal experience.


Anna Minter