Unused Instructor Profiles

Abby Ascencio

Abby Ascencio is the owner of Abby’s Colorful Creations, along with her husband Robert Solideo whom is also the Balloon and Airbrush artist. Abby has been face painting since 2013 but it wasn’t until 2015 that she decided to leave her office job to pursue her Face Painting career. Since then she has managed to be featured multiple times on Silly Farm’s media such as Twitter and Facebook, she is now being sponsored by Face Paint Forum Shop as an Artist Representative, and has recently created a phenomenal trademark called “Inspiration To Paint”. Inspiration To Paint has quickly grown into a group full of supportive and encouraging women. She strongly believes that a little bit of praise goes a long way and can give face painters the Inspiration To Paint amazing masterpieces!
Through her blogging, step-by-step tutorials, YouTube videos, and products reviews, she intends to help as many new face painters in this industry as she possibly can! She calls herself “An Open Book” and will never deny giving someone her secrets!
For the 2018 St. Louis Convention Abby is ready to bring some fresh new simple designs that will make every customer say “WOW”. She’s best known for her Shopkins, her line work, and her very colorful work!