Unused Instructor Profiles

Brian Potvin

Brian PotvinBorn in Los Angeles, Brian began his balloon career while studying theater in college and dabbled in magic after attending a work shop at the Mystery School in Las Vegas.
He began to take his balloons & magic to the next level and named himself the Ballusionist “Balloon/illusionist.” Over the years Brian has performed for celebrities like Kevin Smith (Clerks, Malrats & Dogma), Ali Later (Heroes), Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg), & James Pankow (Chicago), and has also made appearances on VH1’s “New York Goes to Work” & TLC’s “The Unpoppables”.  Brian has taught balloon sculpting at the LA Balloon Academy and at various workshops in New Jersey & Florida.  He has also helped with the completion of Rochester, NY’s Balloon Manor & Ohio’s Balloon Farm.  You can find Brian’s appearance schedule found at www.ballusionist.com

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