Instructor Profiles

Clayton “ChiTwister” James

Clayton really hates trying to write about himself, especially in the third person, but here goes.
“Clayton” started face painting back in early 2009 when his mother made him in order to help her fill a spot for the Final Four events in Detroit.
After about year he began getting into balloons and was absolutely awful for about 2 years, but that didn’t stop him from making really bad, speechless, face painting and balloon twisting YouTube videos that for some reason people watched anyway.
(Horn tooting time) Since then, Clayton has become one of the most well-known balloon artists in the industry; full of innovative designs that both his clients and his legion of “Facebook Balloon Twister Stalkers” just love.
Once upon a time, he was also a pretty well-known face painter too, but he got sick of posting so many videos and everyone forgot he knew how to paint.
Clayton’s favorite part of being an entertainer its that he gets to make fun of kids and parents every week… Wait, I mean he does it to bring joy to the eyes of the children. Yeah, that’s it…
But seriously, I am so honored to be instructing this year. I hope many of you will come to my classes and see some of my favorite creations; because I’m only teaching stuff I really enjoy making and that get great responses.
Okay, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. See you in St. Louis!