Unused Instructor Profiles

Jay Bautista

Jay has been face and body painting for over 12 years.  He first got his start in the industry at Enjoy Your Face, Inc. painting at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  Since then he has catered to high end celebrity parties, rock concerts, major sports teams, corporate events and even college sports teams.  Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest are now a staple of major events that Jay attends.

Currently, Jay can be seen on FABATV.com featuring his tribal and line work classes.  This unique style of painting developed in the early years while body painting in nightclubs throughout the Orlando, FL area.  Orlando Museum of Art took note of his work in his early years as an artist and featured him in 4 exclusive displays featuring his artwork.

He can be seen from coast to coast as he tours the country doing workshops and gigs alike.  Sillyfarm Supplies Inc, is currently working with Jay to feature his unique style of designs in a step by step book.  In addition, his DVD’s can be purchased showing stroke by stroke his method of brush work displaying immaculate line work.

One of the biggest feelings you can walk away with by attending his class is a feeling of accomplishment.  Jay tries to personalize every class by catering to their needs.  From cutesy wootsy girl faces, dazzling eye designs, cool boy faces, tribals, super heroes and villains;  Jay tries to share his knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

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