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John Ker – Photography Instructor

John Ker - Photography Instructor FPBA

Class Description:
A Fine Art Photograph is not a snapshot.  The artist photographer looks for and arranges elements and principles of design in their compositions just as one would select nouns, verbs and all the parts of language as a writer.  In fact, the very word “photography is made of of “photo” meaning light, and graphy which means writing.  So clearly a photograph is indeed writing with light instead of with a pen.  Find out what it takes to become a fine art photographer from John Ker who has been a student and teacher of fine art and photography for more than 34 years.   Learn to see things you never even realized were there in front of you all the time.  He will amuse and educate you and perhaps even motivate you to take your images to a more advanced and elegant level.


John W. Ker Grew up in upstate New York
Awarded “Most Artistic” Graduating class 1961
Worked as Graphic Artist, Negative Stripping and Darkroom Camera Work. University Press, 1961-1965
Publications Editor and Department manager, Geneva Switzerland, 1965-1967.  Graduated B.Y.U. with Fine Art major, French minor and Life Teaching Credential, 1968.  Teacher, Carbon H.S. and Life Drawing Instructor, College of Eastern Utah:  1969.  Moved to Los Angeles, Art Teacher, Dept. Head and Adult Evening Classes 1968 to 2002.   Majority of assignment was as Photography Instructor but other courses taught include Art History, Drawing, New Media and also served as Yearbook Production Manager.   He has received Numerous industry awards including American “R” best photograph, and Finalist Award for Information Producers of America.  Nominated numerous times for “Teacher of the Year” and selected five times as Student Body Favorite Teacher. 

His experience has been sought by many professionals like Dean Collins (lighting articles for Petersen’s Magazine and Barry Koper (out of the kit) Make-Up Magazine.  His passion for the photographic image has only increased with time and experience.  It remains the only way someone else can see exactly what you saw through the lens. 

JK is presently publishing “BodyPaint” an out of print book written by Patrick Leis of Denmark.  This new release in English (not Danish as first published) will be first available here in the Las Vegas show and for a show special price of $10.00 off the published price.  He also hopes to offer “Photography as a Fine Art”, notes on CD from which his classes will be based. 

He now spends his time in Lovely Kagel Canyon outside Los Angeles restoring an estate built in the early 30s. living with his goat Huckleberry and taking any opportunity to travel and photograph this beautiful planet.

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