Unused Instructor Profiles

Léa Selley

We are proud to have our talented friend and colleague, Lea Selley on the team of instructors for the first time at the St. Louis Face and Body Art Convention. Léa grew up in a multi-lingual environment focused in arts & entertainment. A natural talent, she first experimented with face painting in her kitchen with her children and literally, overnight, she branded The Tattooed Lady as her painting alter-ego!

Léa’s fresh painting style is fast, fun and forgiving – a great combination for all levels of talent to try! She is the inventor of the Graffiti Eye Stencil Kits and a well loved instructor on FABAtv.com. She is known for her fast and cool designs using stencils, and her pallet of glitter as an extra wow factor.

Léa’s instruction style is so popular she has been invited to teach across the United States, Canada and The Netherlands. She is excited to be able to teach classes that will boost the confidence of face painters of all skill levels and share her unique tips and tricks for you to apply to your face painting business.
Websites: www.GraffitiEyes.com and www.AwesomeFacePainter.com.