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Leah Reddell


Pre Class Information:
The Business of Henna and Temporary Tattoos

This small, hands-on workshop will focus on the business and marketing of incorporating henna, glitter tattoos, mica tattoos, etc., into your body art business to maximize up-sell and profits in ALL working scenarios. 

The class will include elements of design that maximize the “WOW!” factor as well as designs that move lines quickly in festival / large party situations.  We’ll talk about how to set up your kit when you’re working to maximize efficiency. 

Prepare to learn tools and techniques that will set you apart from your competition! 

All class materials will be provided. 

Convention Class Details: 

1. All That Sparkles
Incorporating glitter powders and gels into your face painting repertoire to maximize the WOW factor and kick your designs up several notches! 

2. Temporary Tattoo Bonanza!
In this class, we’ll explore stencil tattoos and freehand tattoos with glitter, black temp tattoo ink, and mica powders.  We’ll discuss how to create all of these temp tattoo options AND how to market them in your current business. 

3. Festival Henna
How to create henna designs that flow quickly and fabulously 

Leah comes from Denver, Colorado, where she has been a face and body artist since 2003. Leah was crowned Glitter Girl by Amerikan Body Art in 2007 and has kept a firm grip on her tiara ever since, teaching workshops and having a blast with all things sparkly. She is a multiple award-winning artist and has been featured in Illusion magazine. Her artwork has also been published in Face and Body Art International Magazine, American Face Painter, and Marcela Murad’s Book of Butterflies.    

Leah began teaching in 2004 and has taught workshops all over the US, including multiple face and body art conventions. After working for many years as a recreational therapist, Leah has decided that face and body art are some of the best forms of recreational therapy in the world, for both the artist and the canvas.