Instructor Profiles

Loretta Kava

Loretta Kava has had a need to create art in one form or another her entire life – so she has. She has been a working artist in varied tactile mediums, now creating face and body art. She has a successful face and body art business in northern California.

Loretta was one of the first to use do airbrush face painting and tattoos and over the last 10 yrs she has helped other successful add and maintain airbrushing in their own companies. She credits her successful business simply to a commitment to do what she finds fun, while drawing on practical business skills. Blessed to have painted and grown along side some of the now top artists in the face and body art community Loretta has grown with her skills into ones that allow her to profitably paint for some of Northern California’s most elite corporate companies. Loretta has a comfortable teaching style that allows you to get direct answers to your questions geared to your specific artistic and business needs. She enjoys teaching a variety of art mediums to children and teens finding their uncluttered art styles in fitting with her goal to create art while having fun.

“I believe in creating art from my heart, I want enjoy what I do. Business is business and I want to be smart about that, but art is my lifeblood and I want to hear laughter as I create.”