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Loretta Kava has had a need to create art in one form or another her entire life – so she has. She has been a working artist in varied tactile mediums, now creating face and body art. She has a successful face and body art business in northern California.

Loretta was one of the first to use do airbrush face painting and tattoos and over the last 10 yrs she has helped other successful add and maintain airbrushing in their own companies. She credits her successful business simply to a commitment to do what she finds fun, while drawing on practical business skills. Blessed to have painted and grown along side some of the now top artists in the face and body art community Loretta has grown with her skills into ones that allow her to profitably paint for some of Northern California’s most elite corporate companies. Loretta has a comfortable teaching style that allows you to get direct answers to your questions geared to your specific artistic and business needs. She enjoys teaching a variety of art mediums to children and teens finding their uncluttered art styles in fitting with her goal to create art while having fun.

“I believe in creating art from my heart, I want enjoy what I do. Business is business and I want to be smart about that, but art is my lifeblood and I want to hear laughter as I create.”

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  4. Melanie! Thank you for your kind words and for making a connection. I am sure we will meet in person next Blogalicious! Having great support like you and Daja makes me know that everything I do is soooo worth it! May we all be able to continue sharing our gifts!

  5. This is brilliant! I love banana “ice cream” but I always have to eat it quickly because it melts so quickly. Re-freezing the ice cream in molds like you did here is such a great solution. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

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  8. Jorje- That's all we can ask of ourselves is to bring information to our readers. @Lauren- I had no idea about kaboodle.com I'll definitely look at that site. You are actually the one that introduced me to Etsy for children's things, your I Spy Bay giveaway. I became an instant addict.

  9. What fantastic re-cycling work. That certainly deserve a medal or prize winning in the US light sound industry. An American friend of ours in Birmingham UK called Tom is thinking of using unwanted old coffin shaped woodem violin cases to make a few of the same, Chicago style!

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  20. Elaina–Nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear you’ve taken a break from blogging. You were righting valuable material. But there’s no doubt that writing online makes one vulnerable to being misconstrued, or even abused. Sounds like you made a choice to take care of yourself. Good for you!Blessings,–Will

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  41. I love this idea. I do have a magnolia and it has SO many blooms my whole yard smells lemony. We won't discuss what a mess it makes in the pool and on the pool deck. I'm going to do this today! I cut leaves for greenery in mason jars with gerbera daises for my son's wedding reception last fall but we only kept them a day. Even if they only last a few weeks it will still be awesome!

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