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Macky Samaco



Macky is the owner of Glimmer Body Art, the Los Angeles based manufacturer of glitter tattoo supplies. He also runs a premiere glitter tattoo entertainment service business in Los Angeles. His team, the Glimmer Girls, have painted customized tattoos at high profile events like the Simpsons 20th Anniversary Party, the Teen Choice Awards After-Party and LA Kings games.

Macky has been instructing people in the art of hand painted glitter tattoos since 2007. His classes are focused on how his students can replicate Glimmer’s success in the glitter tattoo service business. His degree in business management and five years of marketing and sales management experience at Proctor and Gamble have allowed him to create business development programs and products that have made Glimmer Body Art an international sensation.

Macky continues to innovate on products and programs to promote glitter tattoos as a major player in the body art industry.

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