Instructor Profiles

Margaret Mauthe

Margaret Mauthe is a FACE PAINTER / BODY ARTIST, as well as a CARICATURE ARTIST, AIRBRUSH ARTIST, and a HENNA ARTIST. A Jack of All Trades in the art world of entertainment.

From quick butterflies on children’s faces to elaborate designs on adults, her passion and creativity drives her forward in this modern world of body art. She took her training in art off a flat canvas, and brought it to life on a living canvas over 15 years ago. Her intro into this fascinating world was brought about by an incredible fortune of meeting one of the most talented entertainers in Chicago, Mike Mauthe, who later on became her partner in life and business. They teamed up their talents to create an amazing form of balloon and body art that is geared in entertaining both young and old alike.

In the corporate world they are known as Team M&M. In her workshops, she teaches her students ways to develop their strongest abilities in becoming amazing face painters / body artists, using quick and simple tips.

Classes include:
Everyone does tigers and leopards, but how about bringing in a bit of an adult aspect by
painting the designs on arms, shoulders and other body parts. Incorporate colors and
fanciful extras when doing these fast wild designs, and guarantee a return client in your
explosive creations.

Be creative and impress your clients even when time is of the essence.
Mike Mauthe is an award winning balloon artist who has performed in over 17 countries
thrilling audiences with his amazing talent.
He is known as the Latex Folding Entertainment Technician, but his wizardry in creating
beautiful balloon sculptures in split seconds is what earned him the top honors in his
Join Mike in this exhilarating balloon workshop, where he will guide you in the arts that
made him one of the top balloon artists at Walt Disney World in Orlando, as well as the
top twister in corporate America.
He has over 25 years experience in the entertainment field as a magician, and an
overall variety entertainer, but it is his balloon art that has rocked this industry, from
birthday parties to high end corporate events.