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Painters Balloon Twist-Off! – Jam Night Sponsor Challenge

Thanks to Betallatex’s generous donation of balloons and supplies, we have a super fun balloon challenge for all our artists!

Everyone in the jam room will have to create a 2-4 balloon animal – this includes all you master painters!  Then artists will have to add four balloons to a massive balloon arch – the balloon animals will all be tagged with the artist’s name and then hung from the giant balloon arch.  The balloon arch will remain on display in the vendor room and banquet hall for everyone to enjoy!

This is an excellent opportunity since many face and body art conventions focus on painting in the jam rooms and in class offerings.  Our convention would like to put balloons in the hands of the master painters and all the FPBA delegates.  Excellent photo opportunity for fans and fun to get the painters out of their shells and trying out a new art form.  We are also featuring two classrooms that will be running balloon classes the entire convention with all large scale balloon projects showcased in the dining room of the dinner banquet.

This activity will take place during the first hour of the Jam so there will be loads of time for face and body art so remember to bring your kit!

See you there!