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Rosa Cline

Hi face painting friends and colleagues; my name is Rosa Cline, founder and owner of Rosa Flor Designs Face & Body Art. Growing up in Brazil exposed me at an early age to the vibrant colors and visual elaborance of artistic expression…..which was most likely the genesis of my fascination with face and body painting. Leaving my California life of 15+ years I now live in the beautifully exciting city of Chicago with my husband and our two wonderful children.

My artistic background is colored with unique experiences: I am a certified professional make-up artist. I spent several years involved with the Calligraphy Society of Chicago, studying and practicing with some of the greatest masters of the art….I also participating in exhibitions and installations. I fell in love with face & body art several years ago. What intrigues me most is the intimate, almost magical interaction between myself and my subject…their reaction is priceless. My art has been published in several magazines (Skin Markz, Colored Pallete, etc.) I was also a featured artist at FabaTV’s booth at the 2017 Face & Body Painting Convention in Orlando, FL.


I am very excited to teach and share my artistry of Gothic jewelry at St. Louis Convention.



Facebook: Rosa Flor Designs: Face & Body Art

Instagram: rosaflordesigns