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Thad James

thad-james-150Thad James, owner of SAMMY J Balloon Creations, has been creating sculptures for fifteen years. What started as a fun hobby to impress a young nephew, quickly grew into a part-time job then to a full-time business. Clients hire SAMMY J Balloon Creations because they want a unique, fun and creative experience for their celebrations. The to this to produce a memorable atmosphere for their guests and to enhance their occasions.

Offering entertainment, decorations and sculpture delivery, SAMMY J Balloon Creations is a full-line balloon company. Thad has been involved in producing some of the largest installation projects: Balloon Garden, Balloon Manor, The BEATLES Project for NY Life, Balloon Nativity. He has taught at Twist & Shout, TJam on the Road, FPBA – The Balloon Track, scout troops, school classes and countless balloon jams. Thad enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others as an homage to the many great artists who have shared with him over the years.

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