Special Deals

Volunteers Registration

Reduce your registration fee to only $200

Are you traveling on a tight budget?  If you are ready to work behind the scenes in helping run an exciting bodyart and balloon convention, take this incredible opportunity to get to be in classes, help decorate, provide guidance to fellow delegates and have fun meeting loads of new people and making new friends!  Qualify to be a volunteer by registering here:

Volunteers jobs include:
Classroom Monitors
Balloon D├ęcor
Registration Desk
Setting up Banquet
Banquet Tickets
Welcome Committee
Locals as Information Guides
Raffle Tickets Sales
Vendor Room Support
Hospitality Room
General Office Helper
Competition Room Monitors
Pre & Post Class Room Monitors
Be a Field Trip Leader!

Not available in combination with any other discounts
Offer only available to new registrants
You must be at least 17 years of age to qualify as a volunteer.
You must complete a minimum of approximately 15 hours of volunteer work.

Fill out the registration form or call Karen Owens directly at 636-734-7769.  Thanks.