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Yvonne Harmon

Hi my name is Yvonne Harmon, and I was born and raised in Jackson MS., nothing exciting there. I have always had a love for art of many different kinds. Tried lots of them. I always wanted to teach. But did not want to be a school teacher. So through the years I stumbled across face painting. Then a light bulb went off in my head, That’s it, I found my LOVE. Live canvas and creative expression. So about 15 years ago is when that light bulb went off. As most of us I started with cheek and hand art. As I learned more and tried different products, going to classes, conferences, studying books, watching videos, and working with friends, my art grew. I’m still in the learning stage, I hope I never stop learning.

Now I live in Indianapolis, IN and love being an Artest. I hope to see you. Loving and living my dream.

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