Unused Instructor Profiles

Kara Andrews


Kara got her start drawing and illustrating with black marker on her mothers walls at the creative age of 2. Also growing up on Comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, Kung Fu theater and creature double feature twisted her mind quite nicely for her future career. Since then has gone on to complete her degrees in Fine Arts/ Teaching, Graphic design, Anthropology and Chemistry. While in college, Kara explored body adornment from cultures around the world. Henna being her first love and Soon Face and body painting followed from a quick trip to Canada to see Cirque in 1993. In 2001, Finding life as a chemist rather unfulfilling, Kara started a Children’s art studio call Art on the Spot. Her love of Teaching, Painting, drawing and sculpture,was a perfect fit with her now thriving face painting and entertainment business of 20 years, named the same.

During the last four years Kara has been teaching and competing in the Face painting world. She has won several local and  International awards. And is the creator of the “I’m an Artist, your rules don’t apply” T-shirt, specifically made for all the crazy people who should wear it.