Unused Instructor Profiles

Kim Brennan

Kim Brennan is Manitoba’s only ICNHA Certified artist which makes her one in five in Canada. She is an internationally renowned Henna master and body artist that has taught from India and London England to all over Canada and the USA. Her summer is spent in Winnipeg where she lends her skills to doing most of the high end Indian Bridal henna for the South Asian community and her fall and winter months are filled with travel and study. This is the time she spends designing pattern books that are sold through her publisher at Henna Caravan and the styles vary from the traditional to Steampunk art used by henna artists and tattooists alike. Her passion for the body arts is driven by the joy she gets from happy clients. Immediate gratification and the ability to create on the spot is a huge motivator.

For well over a decade, Kim has been serving the henna community and her skills range from traditional Indian bridal, to Arabic design all the way to tattoo style art. She has taught with, and studied under, such painting greats as Pashur, Wiser, Jinny, Mark Reid and the Wolfe Bros. which has made her a sought after artist on the conference circuit and a skilled teacher to help professionals push their art to higher levels. Her henna has been noted by on several television stations, Mera Desh Magazine, IndoCanadian Telegram, Winnipeg Weddings and many more publications.