Unused Instructor Profiles

Léa Selley


Léa Selley  – Calgary, CANADA

Léa’s experience in web design and web marketing has greatly impacted our industry.  In 2010 she was responsible for managing the websites for both the Face and Body Painting Convention in Vegas and Mark Reid’s North American Body Painting Championships.  Léa was also the driving force behind Bodyssey’s (Canada’s Face and Body Painting Extravaganza) web marketing campaign.

Her passion for helping colleagues find their ‘voice’ on the web is infectious, (check out her blog)  and she has a huge amount to teach us all on how to maximize our business opportunities using only a keyboard.  Léa is also a talented and wonderfully creative painter placing 4th in the 2010 Canadian Bodypainting competition Bodyssey. We are delighted to welcome her to the FPBA instructor’s team.

Don't Panic! I can teach you how to have a better website!